How to choose and buy seedlings

The selection and purchase of seedlings troubled minds of gardeners who do not grow it yourself. How and where to buy seedlings of good quality? After planting to the desired plant varieties? All these questions, and many of these concern us in anticipation of spring and start planting. As someone who mostly buys the seedlings are ready, I will tell you about the intricacies and troubles faced by you when you purchase ready seedlings.

What you need to know when buying seedlings. From personal experience, I encourage gardeners to buy plants only in specialized companies and stores to expect to receive a good harvest. By the way, this is important in order to obtain satisfactory answers to your questions on the seedlings, which from a seller's market to expect more difficult.

But not always, unfortunately, possible to buy seedlings at the nursery or growing plants. Most often we go for it on the market. And here everything depends on the correctness of our actions.

Carefully inspect the purchased seedlings. The leaves should be green, evenly colored and well developed. Leaves twisted, white patches or stains on them talking about the poor quality of seedlings, or disease. The plants should not be elongated or drooping: good seedlings stocky and strong.

Tricks that an unscrupulous seller with the implementation of the seedlings. I, and many of my friends there: buy beautiful pikirannya seedlings, no external defects and signs of colotti, and in the end we get a bad harvest. Of course, the first suspicion falls on their own flaws while growing. And here is the root of all evil may lie in caring for seedlings when growing.
Nitrogen fertilizers and inhibitors
Unscrupulous sellers to give the seedlings marketable and more likely to root plants, could be overfeeding them with nitrogen fertilizers. And when the seedlings start to stretch, it could feed inhibitorsthat, conversely, to slow the growth. Of course, in both cases, the technology of growing is already broken at the start. These plants then do not grow, weak bloom, and the fruits are not encouraging. But alas, to define such seedlings are sometimes not under force even to the experienced horticulturist.
The discrepancy between the declared class
The bottom line: bring home the seedlings, like, the right kind and length of the growing season and grow plants from it absolutely other varieties. To insure against this, if you buy seedlings in specialized outlets where you can guarantee select the right plant. When buying seedlings from private owners on the market there is no guarantee that you will receive exactly what they promise.
Overgrown seedlings

Often sold by overgrown seedlings, and inexperienced gardeners, tempted by the beautiful, large — compared to young seedlings, leaves, happy to become overgrown for planting. This is very bad. Such seedlings are hard to take root and subsequently, after planting in the ground may wither. This happens because the root system in the pot lacked power. Moreover, such seedlings may be stuffed drugs that slow growth, which also speaks about the prospect of a poor harvest.
Seedling bad getting accustomed cultures

My grandmother never planted cucumbers, squash, even squash seedlings. And there's a simple explanation: these cultures are sharply negative attitude to transplantation. The slightest damage to the root system and the crop will be. But demand creates supply, so now on the market you can often see grandparents with such seedlings. Then the chances are 50:50 — will take root or not. Do not take chances! Put in the earth under the film seeds themselves, and the likelihood of a good harvest will be a lot higher than from purchased seedlings. If bought, be extremely careful, try to minimally injure the plant, remove only the lump of land.

A little bit about the types of seedlings. To grow seedlings: in drawers, in individual pots in a heated greenhouse in soil. And this, in turn, can affect the quality, so let's in this issue a look.

Isolated seedlings (in separate tanks). A good option when the seedlings are sold in separate containers. These can be cups, peat bags, pots and the like. In this case, the root system of the seedling when transplanting less injured, and the plant survives better.

Seedlings could immediately put in a separate container, and could dive. In essence, the difference for plant development between these two techniques there. Important feature: insulated seedling should have a thick rigid stem and a strong fibrous root.
The seedlings with open root system. If the seedling grows seedlings for a total capacity, when you purchase please note that the roots were not exposed: they should be in the ground or have a clod of earth. Exposed roots may be injured, dehydrated. The result — so the seedlings will be bad to settle down, to hurt and wither.

Useful information about high-quality seedlings and tomato Seedlings are Ready for planting in the ground the seedlings of early varieties of tomato should have 6-7 leaves and the first flower brush. Age of seedlings will be about 60 days. Late varieties should have an age of about 80 days and 8 of these leaves.

Seedlings of cabbage
The first thing that draws attention to the root collar. There should be no constrictions or dark spots indicating infection of blackleg. The root — necessarily with a lump of land (if the plant is not in a pot). Seedlings should have 6-7 leaves, this speaks to the age about 60 days. Also pay attention to lower leaves, their yellowing can indicate infection of Clubroot.

Seedlings of pepper
The stem is thick (about 4 mm at the root collar). Leaves 8-9, with shoots already formed flower buds.

Flower seedlings
The cultivation of flower seedlings can be quite time consuming and difficult task, especially for the novice gardener. To avoid problems with its cultivation, even many experienced gardeners prefer to buy ready-made material. How to choose the right flower seedlings, and what to pay special attention, I will explain in the next article, because it is a separate serious topic for discussion.



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