The most unsuccessful visits

History of the most unfortunate meeting gathered in this post. There will be shooting and downs, and even murder!

First date, which ended shooting

Yvette Rodier (now Evans) at a conference dedicated to the victims of crime

Until 1996, teenagers Yvette Rodier and Zach projectile were just friends, but both in my heart hoped for something more. And then, finally, it came to our first meeting. After the movie and did not want to leave the cafe, so the young men rode through the city, and then decided to take pictures on the background of the full moon.

When they came out of the car as it came to a strange man parked nearby. Young people and do not have time to understand how the stranger pulled out a gun and started shooting. He killed and wounded Zack Yvette.

Later it became known that the stranger was bored and wanted something to entertain themselves. When Yvette recovered, then decided that would be a lawyer.

First date, which ended with the fall of the balcony

After our first meeting a young advertising department chairwoman Jennifer Rosof invited new boyfriend Stephen Clos "for a cup of coffee" in his apartment in Manhattan.

Upon entering the apartment, Jennifer took her friend to the balcony - boasting magnificent views and a smoke. On the balcony of an eccentric girl climbed over the railing, got there back and lit a cigarette. Stephen tried to convince her to take some safer place, what landlady coyly giggled, saying that she always does that "nothing".

Jennifer could not imagine that in a minute you will hear a deafening crash, and a balcony below it will collapse. The girl fell 16 floors to his death.

The week ended with a romantic tale cruel ritual murder

The story begins as a classic love story plot, and ended a nightmare. American Amanda Knox went to study in Italy for a year, where he met a handsome Italian named Rafael Soletsito. The first week they were inseparable and most of the time spent in the apartment Raphael.

Idyll ended second in November 2007, when the lovers went to the apartment where she lived with Amanda young London socialite named Meredith Kercher.

The final part of the story flashed in the headlines all over the world - Kercher was brutally murdered and the blame is Amanda and Raphael. The investigation concluded that the girl was killed during a satanic orgy third party which was a Rudy Gued. (Rudy was found guilty of a separate offense.)

After the first trial were found guilty in love and had to go to jail. However, the Court of Appeal reversed the decision, and both justifiable released. The third trial, the last thirtieth January 2014 again pleaded guilty Amanda and Raphael. He was arrested by Italian police, and Amanda said that she intends to fight for the last recognized his innocence.

Immured in the car for eight hours

Young Chinese businessman first sat behind the wheel of his brand new Audi and decided to ride through the countryside with unfamiliar girl, which he obviously had "species".

Unfortunately, the walk was not a pleasant one, as on the convertible soon "landed" a container that is unloaded nearby. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, to pick up a container crane needed, which had to wait for 8:00.

But some advantages in this, too, were - at least in young people formed a lot of time to get to know each other better.

Handsome prince turned pathological jealous

Natalie Kelderman and Sebastian Mauro met on a dating site in October 2010. He seemed to her quite a handsome man. Young people spend a lot of time together, and all of them were good.

Sebastian fascinated Natalie and showered with gifts, but soon found himself jealous owner. In July last year, Natalie greeted in the park with an old friend, what Sebastian responded very rapidly: it has called "SHL * hoy" and knocked to the ground. This was the last straw in the cup of patience woman, and she decided to end the relationship. Mauro did not give her peace of mind and had sent endless letters of apology, which she did not accept. Truly the woman was terrified when her ex-boyfriend was the chase. In the end, Sebastian Mauro was jailed for five years, and his profile was removed from the dating site.

Love that destroyed the spider

In the first meeting Stephanie George and her young man went to the cinema, to see "Paranormal Activity." And everything was fine, but only while watching Woman bitten by a spider. She felt the bite, which was similar to the "shock", but was absorbed by starting the novel and gave special attention to the bite. And only a few days later she went to the doctor because her hand was swollen. As a result, doctors had to cut a piece of flesh from the girl's hands to remove the poison. The relationship did not survive such a test.

First date, which turned out to trick thieves

Joan Alupa dynasty was excited before a meeting with her new friend in a cafe. She met him at FEYSBUK, they talked for a long time, and now, finally, she agreed to meet with him. However, it turned out that the young man, and a virtual novel, and this date - just a trap. John was the daughter of a local politician, and thus she was kidnapped. Woman kept in a closed car blindfolded 2 days until the police found correspondence on Facebook. The police contacted the kidnapper, and then he panicked, dropped the girl in a nearby suburb, and leaned on the run.

The girl thought that he was going on a date, and actually became a member of the robbery

Leah Gibss also met a guy on FEYSBUK. His name was Adam Minton. After talking to the network, the young people decided to meet, and Adam invited her on a first date to his home, watch movies on DVD.

When Leah came in his car to the house of the guy, he said that he urgently needed to drop another just a couple of minutes. And asked take him to make it faster. Girl trick is not suspected, it drove up to the shopping center and five minutes later he came running back and said that we should leave, and as quickly as possible.

Completely bewildered girl did as was told. And when they arrived at the home of Adam, they have already met the police. As it turned out, Leah unwittingly became a driver for the robber. She managed to escape punishment, but Adam was put on the 4, 5 years.


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