What kind of men do not like women

Certain types of men can attract women or scare. This is especially significant at the stage of dating. The following are named and described scaring women male traits. Knowing them, you will be able to control yourself and make a good first impression.

1. needs your attention

He's very emotional, sharing with you all their feelings and emotions. He always doubted himself, he needs to hear that all is well between you, he has a good job, friends, etc.

Sexually attractive men are such traits as the confidence and independence. Women tend to get strong spirit of a man, so your sentimentality may scare her at the stage of dating.

But as you know, women being contradictory they simultaneously feed two opposite qualities. Your sincerity will be your trump card, when you get closer and will develop a little attitude. Then you can talk heart to heart as much as necessary, a woman will even seek to find out what you have in mind and heart.

2. Predictable

Bored to chat with a man who always acts on a template and never surprises. Unpredictability and the spirit of freedom attract women, so they often give themselves into the hands of "bad guys."

This does not mean that you should become a "bad guy." Just be different, mix predictability and unpredictability. For example, suddenly called and invited her to dinner or a trip into the countryside.

3. Arrogant

He condescends to communicate with people and talking to them as if they are inferior and stupid it rude to those he considers inferior.

A woman appreciates a man by how he communicates with others. Thus, she foresees how a man will talk to her when closer acquaintance.

If you want to impress a woman, show more respect for others. Remember, she is watching you.

4. rude

He frankly looks at other women in her presence, maybe even flirt. It does not bother him. He can talk about his past victories on the love front. All in all, this suggests that he has no respect for women.

Such behavior is not like a woman on the stage of dating, and at the stage of a serious relationship.

5. Greedy

He invites a woman out on a date and subtly hints that would be nice to pay every man for himself. He once again not fork over a bunch of flowers and always orders cheap wine. Already from the first date a woman feels austerity.

Word economy and budget, are not relevant to the first date. At the stage of courtship, a woman should feel special, otherwise nothing will happen.

6. Wrangler

Any conversation he turns into a verbal battle. The woman in this case does not feel comfortable, it has to defend itself, to think about what she said. Communicating with a lover argue - is stress.

If you have this feature, try to relax as much as possible during a visit, as the desire to start a dispute you arises from the fact that you are nervous and do not know what to say. Having considered as possible topics for conversation and questions that you can ask your companion.

7. considers himself always and everywhere right

Such a man feels entitled to judge others. On the first date, it begins to point to the woman that she should do and what it should not do. This behavior does not cause a woman is nothing but feelings of irritation and anger. Loved his start berating and even on a first date.

Cases traits, character and actions of a stranger, it's a private matter. If you are a first date is something not like it, do not continue to meet this woman. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, with some of them you can put up with the others not. Remodel another person, it is not rewarding work.

8. misogynist

A man of this type does not hide his attitude towards women, releasing cynical and insulting comments in relation to all the female sex in general, and to the side of his companion, in particular. It's definitely the only one of all the male qualities that absolutely cause a negative reaction in any woman. If you're a misogynist, why would you even go on dates? To once again make sure of the correctness or hoping to find still your ideal? If you still want to find their half, you have to drop the illusion (ideal people do not happen), and change to become more tolerant.


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