Interesting about the baths

During the excavation of the ancient city of Jericho were discovered the ruins of a bath. It was built of marble and already had its heating system.

10th: The most famous baths in the world - Russian, Finnish and Turkish. Very soft on the effects of a Turkish bath - air temperature just above 40 degrees, but humidity is 95%. Incidentally, the virgins in the Turkish bath was a special status. They, unlike the women were allowed to strip naked.

9th place: In Finnish sauna the temperature reaches 120 degrees or higher and the humidity is only 15%. Unusual doctors a real Finnish sauna is not recommended to walk. Although popular Finnish proverb - "Sweating can anyone who is able to get to the sauna."

8th place: In Spanish, steam baths Mexican Indians called Temazcal. "Subject" means "to bathe, to wash" and "Callie" - "home." Bathers soared and washed on a mat stretched on the floor of the steam room, and it was the custom, under which it hovered person of the opposite sex.

7th place: Iran is very popular sand bath when the body is filled with hot sand.

6th place: The Japanese baths human body fall asleep scented cedar sawdust mixed with herbs.

5th place: One of the main characters was a Russian-bath - the spirit that dwelleth in the bath. Bannik necessarily need to appease a piece of rye bread and bring him to sacrifice a black hen. Bannik should leave the water, soap and a broom as he cleaned last.

4th place: In Russia in 1743 by decree of the Senate was banned in "trade" baths to wash men with women. That is why Russia has avoided syphilis epidemic that swept the whole of Europe.

3rd place: In Europe, there have closed all the public baths in the Middle Ages. Particularly grimy were the French, who stank so that they had to invent the fragrant ointment and water. This is how was born the famous French perfumery.

2nd place: The special, dry sauna mode, do not know even the Finns up until after the war, the German manufacturers were not to market elektrosauny. German inquisitive mind adapted to produce them stolen resistances against the tanks that were full. This sauna can be used in field conditions.

1st place: One of the oldest and highest awards of Europe is the English Order of the Bath. It was founded in 1399, has three classes and the motto "Three joined in one" - a reference to England, Scotland, Ireland. The Order requires purity of thought, a complete cleansing of distrust, envy, suspicion of its carrier. Knights of the Order prior to the award of a swim.


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