BASIC RULES family life.

Anyway, if the wife is not inclined to help her husband in all things, is not inclined to listen to him, so that family life would be unbearable, and it will be very difficult to organize everything as it should be. In family life, we must always follow the chosen standard. Before marrying, young people need to discuss with each other how they will live up to what time they will get out of bed, and so on. Standard of living means "rules". If they agree to follow these rules, if they are satisfied with each other's habits and purpose, in which case they will surely succeed in a joint family life. Because family life, as well as human life in general, is designed for self-improvement.
If people live just to make money every day and spend it on things, or to education, and to engage in self-awareness goals in the family is not present, such a family is unable to be happy. Everyone lives independently, there is no heat in the relationship, there is no intimacy. Thus, there are certain rules for a happy family life.

● The first rule. Often families are happy, if they read at home any prayer.

● The second rule - if they take the food that is in goodness. It should be studied. Products are divided into three groups. Some foods give a person the goodness and benevolent qualities of character and bring happiness; bring some passion, tension; some bring suffering. Learn what foods bring happiness, a person is and acts of goodness. If the family cultivated the power of these products, it becomes a happy family life.

● The third principle - a joint reading of the family of spiritual literature.

● The fourth principle - it is necessary sometimes to visit priests or holy places, maybe go to church on weekends and so on.

It is necessary to have some sort of faith, we must somehow worship God, that is, the family must be some kind of religiosity. Religiosity is conscience. If a family is a universal religion, then certainly there will be no danger of being attacked by beautiful girls. The man will be protected from it, because he will feel that this action is not in good conscience. Similarly, the wife will be protected.

Thus, a truly family man scientist will work just as much as necessary in order that the family normally there, knowing that artificial means he can not increase the wealth of the family, because it is - the question is not artificial. Requires knowledge of the fact that without piety gained in past lives, you can not become rich or prosperous seriously.

But if a person feels that he is easy to be given to successful and rich, without excessive force, so he does not have to stop to do it. You just have to know how to use the excess funds for a happy life. It is necessary to act in a way to help close relatives to donate to churches, to feed the poor, and so on, that is, to engage in charity, to visit the holy places, and so on.

Thus a man who has a lot of money to be happy. But the person who does not have too much money, too, can be happy, if properly belongs to life.
(OG Torsunov)


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