Date: how to win his heart. THE SECRET OF TWO - PRACTICAL

It would be desirable to please yourself and combat gentleman spot chic outfit and shoes, try not to wear on a date new things. Remember, their behavior is unpredictable. You risk to spoil your evening suddenly lost buttons, cutting inserts, obviously glaring hall and t. N. But it's been proven things can give you self-confidence, which will be very helpful. It is especially important not to wear on a date, or a new uncomfortable shoes. It is unlikely that you get a natural and cute smile, if you feel like a mermaid, I agree to receive the legs, despite the fact that every step will cause her wild pain. Your irritation from shoes to rub corn cavalier can take over - it would seem that you are unhappy with them that you do not like. I think this is not the best of relations, so do not wear annoy, interfere, hampers your clothes and shoes.


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