As meeeeedlenno blew up in the video Schweppes Burst. Interview with director

When it comes to advertising lemonade, most of the brands, not surprisingly, selects and sugary sweet approach to the issue, designed to attract legions of small children or adults who want to feel like a child, it is to their sugar drink. A set of well-known methods include cartoon characters, celebrities and quirky songs and dances.
h3> However, Schweppes has chosen a different approach. Since carbonated products offered by the brand, are as ginger ale, tonic and soda, their happiness factory would have to include whiskey, gin and in the * ku. And we still are of the opinion that we should not do cartoons about n * stancy.

Therefore, the Australian agency George Patterson Y & R and directed by Garth Davis created the «Burst», a fantastic spot, able to please both children and their nostalgic parents and give a beautiful visual images al * Expose fans.


Interview with Garth Davis of technical and creative difficulties encountered in the process of creating a movie, and, of course, of the beads with water. h3> What was the brief for this spot?
I was not given the script, which was really nice. To share with me the so-called "documented the idea" and discovery that made the agency, these high-speed cameras that can capture a unique moment of explosion of balloons with water. And I agree, it's a great technology and appropriate way to convey the sensations that occur at the moment when you open the bottle of Schweppes. They had a script that they have shown to the client to transfer the idea and about to show that this can happen. But they were adamant in its intention not to show the script to the director. They really wanted me to interpret the idea in their own way that the roller has not turned unnatural and carried a certain artistic value.

What equipment was used in the filming of movie?
We used the camera Phototron, can shoot 10 000 frames per second, and it was a real adventure for me, because I have never used such equipment before. Everyone knows how to burst balloons with water - and you have seen it, and I, and the children and their grandmother ... but no one ever saw it in that light. I think the most valuable thing in this camera is that it does not shoot unnatural, it shows you what you've seen hundreds of times, but it is from a different angle. This is just one example of when these technologies work together digital artificial images. The audience will love this movie, because it will know that it is real and still every time will be amazed at how the explosion actually looks.


How pierced balls? The methods have changed from scene to scene? B>

I broke the clip on the theme and get points when the balloons burst when they fall and when to explode. Most of the balls, which we used quite a standard, you can buy these at any store. And you or pierce them with a needle, or crashing on someone's head, or drop them onto the ground. Quite simply, all of the most natural ways for a man to blow up the balloon with water, that come to mind. But when you shoot it at a rate of 10 000 frames per second, the process suddenly becomes very beautiful and fascinating. And, of course, I wanted to play with scale and size, and we tried to use the biggest balls, which could be found, but there was a limit, when the mass of water does not allow us to realize our plans with conventional balls. Thus, having done little experience, we have ensured that some of the balls reached a meter in diameter. They then we dropped from a crane and explodes in the air with the help of explosives placed inside the ball. It was all very exciting, but I still wanted to find a very large number of balls to be able to make more use of scenery and landscapes.


How many visual effects were used in the movie?

The whole video was filmed on camera. The only effect was artificially masking the crane, but the rest was captured by the camera. No combination. Even the guy in the woods, he actually ran the ball at the moment of the explosion. It looks as if he is standing on the ground, but he actually ran.


What was the most difficult in the shooting? Some specific scene? B>

In my opinion, the most difficult thing was to coordinate the time of shooting and capture a moment that lasted only one to two seconds, during which I had to make sure everything is caught in the frame. For example, the frame with baby feet, words I can not tell you how difficult it was. Even if a child bouncing a millisecond later than the rest, at a speed of 10 000 frames this delay could stretch out for a moment. Therefore, to catch the moment when all the legs off the ground, it was very hard.


In all your commercials is always a strong visual element, but they are always divided into three-dimensional, large-scale works of art, such as Toohey's Catapult and XboX 360 «Cops and Robbers», more introspective work, such as Sony «Kiss» and Herringbone «Henri.» In what category in this spot?
I think this spot more in the spirit of Sony «Kiss». It is, rather, an internal focus. If XboX and everything else of the same series of very massive and has a very high energy and vivacity, this spot more technical and focused.

You prefer any one of these styles?
I am familiar and comfortable to shoot something freer and volume, but I really liked the experience of shooting, because I wanted to create something more than just advertising, which consists of visual effects. I actually saw this as something more, bought another look at some things.

Have your favorite scene during the filming of this movie?

I stand out, perhaps a scene with people in evening dresses and suits. The client wanted the clip felt friendship, and for me the only representation of friendship associated with water balloons, there was a scene where they throw these balls at each other. Therefore, it was funny, when all the actors came in evening dresses, because they did not know exactly what will happen. And when we started to deal with balls, and said that now they will throw them at each other, they began to rejoice as children.


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