The most award-winning film director in the history of advertising, Daniel Kleinman on

Who would have thought that the road to Olympus advertising direction is through the creation of images with a variety of small parts, for which very little pay. But it started with this genius grandeur Daniel Kleynman.

In his portfolio, you can review the history of the most important competitions in the industry. He collected the main prize of the coolest festivals of Cannes, D & AD, The New York One Show, BTAA, Clio, Creative Circle, Midsummer Awards.

It is the most award-winning advertising director in the world by the Gunn Report. In hot top magazine Campaign, he took first place in the ranking of the best directors in the past 4 years.

Daniel Kleinman - a pioneer in the use of special effects in post-production. His first attempt he did back in the '80s, "practicing" on music videos Prince, Madonna and other stars. But in the 90s, he concentrated entirely on advertising, and brands such as the xBox, Chrysler, Johnnie Walker, Audi and others found in his face this "magician».

To him all lined up for the real and ambitious, epichnostyu.On painstakingly created an incredible underwater world, where people learned to do-Dolphins their first steps.

He is drawn in detail a new story of evolution.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Daniel Kleinman took the Grand Prix at Cannes last year, shown in the video the true cause of the evolution of mankind. Little horrible prehistoric creatures do not like water from a puddle. And away we go.

"I wanted to show amazing growth story - in the video, the viewer sees the ice age, how moved continental formations, formation of volcanoes and lakes. Through this picture you can see the story of three friends, "- says Danny Kleynmen.

Developing roller Guinness was worth 1 million euros. Another 15 million have been spent for tranlyatsy on TV and in cinemas.

He embodied the theory of the musical past of mosquitoes, which mindlessly destroying people.

It is a big show how short human life.

Herds traders and prides porn stars in the wild - is also his work.

And visualize sperm on a scale of 1 to several millions, except for him, too, no one could.

He was able to convey the power of dreams into a large-scale video-tour Johnnie Walker.

When you want to create on-screen "unreal field» Adidas, too, turn to him.

Trip around the world in the original balloons - is also his specialty. As well, and the story of neon girls.

But like any genius, he is talented in everything. It will also work out great advertising "sitcoms».

Perhaps the most legendary of them - "The Battle of the bear».

Equally known for its series of beer for John Smith's, marked by numerous awards and passionate love of the audience.

Daniel left his mark in the history of advertising Stella Artois.

And from PSAs shot Kleynmanov Britain just sodrogaetsya.Nashumevshie "Artery": smokers blew up the phone lines with the Ministry of Health to stop the broadcast of the video.

And it is a tragedy, Fitting Your director in the format of a small spot.

Since 2006 he works created by him as production studios Rattling Stick.

It was there that created one of the masterpieces of the past - for movie Sea Smirnoff.

Spot coined by JWT London - a grandiose self-purification of the world's oceans: rising from the bottom of not only banks of beer, and colossal statues, planes from World War II and the old ships. Water splashes out on the land all the dirt that kopilas centuries. At the end of the video before the viewer is presented clean ocean.

A little bonus for those who have not had enough genius Daniel Kleinman:

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