Energy exchange man-woman.

When men and women meet, they become connected (energy) vessels. And, according to the law of communicating vessels between them begins interchange (energy transfer).
By its very nature, a man receives energy from the top (the idea), and a woman - from the bottom (force). To implement the idea, man needs strength and energy it can only get from a woman. The woman, as the drive force to spend force on the action can not, it can only give it as originally received only from the transfer ...
If a woman filled with love, then it is subject to absolutely everything.
Everything that a man took, and that's all going to happen naturally and easily. Smart man knows how to help the woman he loves to be filled with happiness. The more he cares about the woman, the more magnificent it blooms and fills your energy man.
But women should remember that a lot depends on her own, and force her responsibility, because it draws its potential and shaping the future of the elect. Each woman is responsible for the purity of their thoughts and emotions, inner values, a state of harmony and joy within themselves.


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