Energy exchange man-woman.

"According to the book, the master of Tantra, psihotreneram etc., When men and women meet, they become connected (energy) vessels. And, according to the law of communicating vessels between them begins interchange (energy transfer).
By its very nature, a man receives energy from the top (the idea), and a woman - from the bottom (force). To implement the idea, man needs strength and energy it can only get from a woman. A woman, being a power bank, spending power to act can not, it can only give it as originally received only from the transfer.

Between male and female energy exchange, there is almost always - it is put to them by the nature ...
Since the birth of each boy has a mother who inspires him, presenting the force of maternal love, sister, first love, second, third ... an employee, a friend - a man in every woman will look for the source that will fill it so that it all worked out easily and enthusiastically.
Further, when we are united in love, the woman is given (not just physically, but also caring, morally, intellectually), and the man, obtaining her power begins to create and act.

Fine, but this is just the first part, this is still not overflow, because it is not the exchange. Received power, the realization of the idea and started to implement it, the man must return the woman (material, gifts, care, physical assistance) equivalent of its power to inspire the next woman returns.
And so on to infinity.

If a woman filled with love, then it is subject to absolutely everything.
Everything that a man took, and that's all going to happen naturally and easily. So much depends on you and force your responsibility, dear women, because it is your potential attracts and creates your vote. That you are responsible for the purity of their thoughts and emotions, inner values, a state of harmony and joy within yourself, and of course, the state of fullness of love. "


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