Games with the glass in the outdoor advertising

Creatively playing with a protective glass surface billboards and city-formats can be given to traditional advertising media suddenly harakter.V new creative design of city-format billboards and most consistently ranks glass. In most cases, it performs only a protective function. But if you carefully pay attention to it and to approach the matter creatively, then we can get the material to enhance the effect of advertising messages below it.

In some product categories, such as car insurance or cleaners, glass itself, broken, cracked or whole, can carry an advertising message.

Broken stekloPervoe that comes to mind to all creatives little bit familiar with the global advertising experience - it certainly cracked under the pressure "effect wonderbra» billboard.

If you can break the glass belly, it's time to move to a low-calorie sweetener SWEETEX.

Glass billboards with pictures of animals shot through by a bullet in the hole from which the inserted coin in one cent. Thus Fund for Nature WILDAID relayed the message that spending just a penny on the illegal trade in rare animals, you are by yourself pulls the trigger.

Manufacturer of glass for cars fun of car owners, pasted stickers on their cars that mimic the broken glass, "is open every day, even on April 1».

The Spanish men's underwear ads, "increasing the penis».

Insurers from HSBC and ANSWER SEGURO ON LINE limited to that scattered near the cars pile of broken glass.

If necessary, break the glass! Rethink advertising agency in Canada has come up with an advertising campaign for protected glass Scotchshield 3M. Near 3M Office was established "safe" from the protected glass Scotchshield, which lay $ 3 million. Who will break - and money order.

Advertising of a business seminar in Brazil disguised as a miniature fire boxes with the words "In the case of a lack of leaders to break the glass." The closet was lying leaflet upcoming leadership training.

Super-compact Smart cars were placed in makeshift trailers and glass is located in South Africa, with the inscription "In the case of rising fuel prices break the glass».

The agency Leo Burnett in Germany hung on a skyscraper real Harley. From the street it sounded the inscription "born wild since 1903", and the staff working in the office building, suggested in case of an emergency, when the work took a sip and you want freedom, break the glass of the window and take advantage of the bike.

Magnifying stekloShvedsky Bank SKANDIABANKEN found a terrific way to get consumers interested in and read all the advertising information from the beginning to the end. In the center of pure white poster with the attached magnifying glass is the text in tiny letters:

«Hello. Obviously, you read that fine print. It's good. Unfortunately, not all do. In most of the banks every day makes a lot of bucks. With stars, footnotes and fine print they hide the real cost. With us, no one will have to decipher hidden messages. Put an end to the huge profits! How about our 3, 25% of your savings account? Today, go to » I>

Agency KEPEL & MATA Buenos Aires developed an original social campaign for the public organization PODER CIUDADANO, raises the issue of the fight against corruption. Instead of government buildings creators have placed a huge magnifying glass, conveying the idea that no crime will not go unnoticed by the public. The campaign has become one of the most talked about in the media.

Australian Internet search engine and agency Leo Burnet Melbourne used in outdoor advertising magnifying loupe to allow people to "search" and in the most advertising. Slogan: small letters: "Seek and you will find».

Agency JUNG von MATT used a magnifying glass in advertising mini candy MINI HERB CANDIES RICOLA us at the bus stop.

And that's the way the agency M & C SAATCHI in the UK back in 1997 to use the properties of the sun and a magnifying glass in the campaign against smoking. Slogan: Smoking causes heart disease.

Invisible stekloPervy sign of purity glass surface - is its complete transparency, so that even the glass becomes completely invisible. This idea was successfully implemented in the agency DraftFCB guerrilla advertising cleaner glasses WINDEX. Two men dressed in uniforms WINDEX, actively pretended to carry on the street a large glass, which is actually, of course, was not.

It does the same agency JWT India for brand COLIN GLASS CLEANER.

StekloochistiteliReklama computer racing game Colin McRae Dirt 2 on the New Zealand Agency Agency Republik Auckland.

Dirty City-formats with wipers Swedish bank SEB BANK promotes auto loans for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles. Creative agency owned by LOWE BRINDFORS. The role of dirt in this case, the special paint.

Creators of the German BBDO decided by a wiper to demonstrate the cleaning effect of chewing gum WRIGLEY'S EXTRA PROFESSIONAL.

And two more works not covered by the above classification.

The agency Jung von Matt / Alster in Germany has developed for the presentation of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing Auto Show in Frankfurt billboard with hinged doors that open vertically simulating doors of the new supercar.

London Leo Burnet worked extremely tough for its main faces a campaign against drinking and driving: they put a glass cup of beer a living man really caught and punished for drunk driving, was assigned to him the guard of police and were taken to the major shopping centers in London with accompanying text:

«This is Matt. He fell into the trap because of one pint of beer. This pint cost him his driver's license and his independence. This pint cost him his job. This pint cost him a huge fine, leaving him without money. This pint disgraced his criminal record. This pint upset his girlfriend. This pint disappointed his family.

This pint Matt ruined Christmas. Do not let this pint stand between you and a good time this Christmas. » I>

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