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Continuing the theme of how to creatively beat the material components of any outdoor advertising, such as a protective glass surface and lighting, offer a few original examples of the use of mirrors in the indoor and outdoor reklame.Zerkalo - it's always the same attention of the audience and certainly interactive, since none People will not pass quietly past his reflection, and if this is a reflection of something else and so, a few minutes of attention to advertising provided. A favorite method of guerrilla marketing, advertising mirror may well be used in traditional outdoor advertising, as well as car parks, public toilets, clubs and hotels, in a word, wherever it is the mirror already.

Car zerkalaBayer the Healthcare and JWT, Portugal attended to the problem of abandoned dogs. According to statistics, every summer hundreds of people abandon their dogs. As a rule, the owners left their pets on highways that dogs could not find their way home. The fate of the dog is sad - they tend to die under the wheels of cars. JWT, Portugal came up on this subject the original message in the form of stickers on a mirror. Lonely dog ​​on a background of empty road - it is a picture seen in the rearview mirror, people abandon their dogs. The inscription on the label - "This summer, do not leave your best friend" - encourages people to think.

"Global warming will not stop until you do something for this" - stickers with the slogan appeared on the side mirrors in cars Jakarta. As part of the guerrilla action agency Bicara Communications for PSA Global Warming byly stickers are made of two views - with the image of the water and cracked earth.

Guerrilla social campaign UNICEF to help children in Africa: "To help this child is easier than it seems. One of your phone call can provide its power for a week. »

To advertise online opticians Titaniun and their new product - points with panoramic lens expands the angle of view, the agency Publicis Brasil came up with to use safety mirror, which is set for a panoramic view on the parking lots and other places where cars and pillars in order to avoid collisions between cars. < br />

Not really a car, but the principle of the mirror erotic portal Sexy Clube is the same: it is attached to the computer so that you can see what's going on behind you so that no one could catch you by surprise while watching "adult" content in the workplace time. Mirror method sends direct mail to subscribers site with the offer to extend the one-year subscription.

Public toilets and gostinitsyPartizanskaya campaign of French trade union of private detectives took place in the toilets of Paris.

Agency Rapp Collins Paris has proposed the concept of "What if? ... "- As part of this idea on the mirrors in restaurants and other public places in the city were pasted stickers with horns.

Before deciding on the exterior of radical changes, such as a tattoo or beard, you can first try on a new look with the help of stickers on the mirror. This idea was used in advertising trimmers Braun et site tattoo parlor Dermagraphics.

"Sometimes the attention - the only thing he needs," - says the Association of children and adolescents with cancer TUCCA. And it's very touching illyustiruet. The social action used stickers with a photo of the child, which were deposited in the Brazilian toilets at the mirror in front of washbasins. You wash your hands? Look in the mirror - and find out how these hands can be cleaned and soul.

Chinese Mccann Healthcare showed how looks really "mirror-clean pan».

Sheet of thick black paper with a cut out silhouette of the pot or the kettle, some glue, a mirror - and in front of us a sample of the guerrilla creative - advertising detergent plated surfaces Tongda detergent. "Stainless reflection" - this is the slogan.

To convey to the minds of consumers superior quality color reproduction when Hewlett Packard printers on conventional inkjet printers, the Indonesian agency Publicis Hook the device over these mirrors in the restrooms. Thus, visitors toilets can make sure that the copy (but mirrored) from HP's color scheme is no different from the original. Text is also consistent with "true color of life».

The inscription "It's time for a beer!" Was applied to the mirror in the bathroom at a Japanese hotel and spray anizapotevatelem manifested under the influence of steam from a hot shower. In the waiting room a couple of free beers.

Promotional Stickers channel for adults DIREC TV on the mirrors in the hotel rooms of the agenc Leo Burnett Puerto Rico: We know that you love to watch.

Optical illyuziiNa seemingly ordinary mirror mounted infrared sensor that is triggered when he is approached by a man. After a few seconds in a mirror appears a reflection of aggressive males, and in five seconds - an image spray tear, as a mandatory protection for every woman.

TATA AIG Insurance Company launched a brutal campaign in public toilets in India. Creators of Bates David Enterprise replaced the true mirror in a frame on his photo image. The problem of glare decided with the help of anti-reflection glass and escorted image inscription Life is unpredictable. Secure the future of your family, while you are there. " Look in the mirror and seeing your reflection there, everyone was scared and think about your own life insurance.

Energy drink Battery Heat is positioned as a warming body and soul. For outdoor advertising "thermal battery" creatives from agencies Contra Helsinki invented thermal mirror. With the help of an infrared camera mirror pedestrians passing by could see in it a reflection of its thermal. Clicking on the attached button, you can get your photo via Bluetooth mirroring itself in the phone.

Agency DDB Canada has come up with an interactive sitibord where passersby portrayed consisting of fruits and berries. Thus passers-by caught in the "world of the fruit of happiness" and the juice of Sun-Rype. Technical implementation: web camera, big screen and special software that converts the incoming video in the "berry pixels" and send the results to the screen.

Distorting zerkaloS using distorting mirrors that increase reflected, the agency announced DRAFTFCB New Zealand edition of "the world's largest Mini» - MINI Clubman.

US Agency Richter7 using distorting mirrors inviting to look at the world through the eyes of Salvador Dali and 22 other artists from Monet to Picasso, advertising art museum Utah.

NGO CAP has enabled 48 bystanders feel physically and mentally disabled, placing on the streets of city-formats with curved mirrors. The action was intended to remind the healthy people that the repulsive appearance of people suffering from disabilities, should not be the reason for their rejection of society.

In order to attract new students of the Academy of poetry Vienna Poetry Academy hung in public places intellectuals distorting mirrors, increasing the size of the head as a whole and the forehead in particular, accompanied by the words «It's all in your head» / «It's all in your head».

ProcheeDlya women victims of sexual and domestic violence, powder often becomes a means not only to conceal another black eye, but also the very ugly reality. It is to such "passive victims" facing social action Frankfurt hotline for victims of sexual and domestic violence. The city had scattered thousands powder boxes, mirrors which "reflected" battered woman and telephone number of the hotline.

In October 2008, the magazine "Russian Newsweek» held a large-scale advertising campaign aimed at maintaining brand awareness and increase audience publications. In outdoor advertising magazine embodies "the idea of ​​the mirror", developed in cooperation with creative agency Ark Thompson. Using layouts similarity with the cover and the format of the journal, the authors tried to emphasize that the "Russian Newsweek» reflects the events as they actually happened, because, "as in life».

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