5 popular ways to relax, which only increase your suffering

We can not rasslablyatsyaO, it looks like you've been through hell. Hard week at work, huh? I thought so. But before we begin to deal with this condition, it is necessary to revise our opinion on some things. The last thing you need now is to make some stupid mistake and get traumatized.

So, you should know that ...

1. Video games can strengthen Stresa perfectly understand, that you have gone through: long hours performing impossible task my boss, you suddenly realize that's not yet ten in the morning, and then you have to come another seven hours of torment. After such a day, I'm sure the only thing you want to do - is to go home and play PlayStation, relax, plunged into the Far Cry 4.

However, according to recent studies, many people feel even more severe stress after the video games or watching TV ... especially if they have had a very busy day. Everything depended on the type of stress. People who have spent a good long day, the results of which could be proud of, we tend to see in video games and television award, or "way of recovery", by which they may be distracted from their duties and have fun free time. But people who have finished working day with a sense of exhaustion or fault, because I did not do all that is planned, usually feel worse, spending time for games. Does this mean that you should avoid the video game when you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Maybe. Scientists debate around how people vliyat these games continue. There is no consensus among researchers had still not, so maybe it all comes down to what your inner voice tells you. If you just "let off steam" by the GTA5, then everything is fine. But if the stress continues and is accompanied by a constant feeling iznurŅ‘nnosti, maybe you should make a long break in the game. In the end, where it is going to go away? ..

2. "Jamming" stress can increase egoInogda you think would be better if you worked in another organization and not in the "Corporation of horror"? Well, yes ... But you consoled themselves with the thought that at least once you get home, be able to make himself a huge plate of something delicious. After all, you deserve it, right?

Of course, but it's a bad idea. Despite the popular image of a sad woman eats a kilo of ice cream while watching the show of love and dreams of a prince, the reality is that eating junk food only adds to your bad mood. Provided that we are talking about young women: setting 131 student questions about their psychological state after a meal, the researchers found that test subjects felt increased anxiety and depression after a meal, which was associated with a high content of fat, sugar and other harmful substances consumed their products. The situation is aggravated by the fact that when you are under stress, your body harder to digest junk food. So you not only worsen the mood, and overall health, and eventually a few minutes of pleasure intensified get depressed and sick stomach.

3. Expressing anger, you only strengthens egoByvaet that when you believe that your work day can not get any worse, suddenly there is another "deadly news." Naturally, it can be very angry! All you want to do at this point - is to break the table with his fist, to call his boss a fool, or do something even more serious. After all this, you will feel better, right?

I really hate to say it, pal, but there is no will. Although the phrase "let off steam" is quite common, the study showed that the direct or indirect expression of anger just make it even stronger. In one experiment, subjects became very angry, and then asked with all his strength to hit the nail. This action only increased aggression. More recent studies have examined people who direct their aggression in sports, such as football, and they also found that the "calming" training only made them angrier. Then they found that the same applies to violent video games. Yes, I remember that he said that "let off steam" with video games normally. I lied. Remember, the only constructive way to deal with anger and frustration - is to direct all their energy to address the problem.

4. Drinking alcohol impairs sonPri solving another problem in your head goes through the thought: "That's done, and urgently need to drink. I really need it! "Great idea, but it is a pity that it is not the best if you want to sleep at night.

Although the use of a small amount of alcohol before going to bed - a very common phenomenon, and despite the fact that alcohol helps sleep, ultimately, it disrupts sleep: the measurement of brain waves of students who drink before bedtime glass of vodka with orange juice, in their brain has been found simultaneous overabundance of delta and alpha waves. Delta waves predominate in the human brain in a state of deep sleep, and alpha waves are more likely during light sleep or dormancy.

These two types of brain waves are in conflict with each other is stronger than boys, trying to win the attention of a girl.

5. Discussion of the problems may exacerbate ihInogda, in particularly stressful and difficult situations, you want to share your feelings with your friends. However, the effectiveness of this method of stress relief depends on your approach: many people benefit from discussing their problems, but some - not. During the discussion you again and again experiencing the situation, trying to understand what stood in your way, and thus run the risk of "get stuck" on their probeleme.

Not surprisingly, the discussion of emotions especially common among schoolgirls whose behavior appears, which is called "joint reflection". They express concern when a guy does not respond to their posts, and then again and again talking about it until then, until the problem is beginning to seem more serious than it actually is.

I'm not saying that you should never discuss the issues with your friends, it is only necessary to do it properly. This should not be an endless scrolling unpleasant details; just tell us about their emotions and try to find a solution together.

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