How to make a difference at work: advice from the best-selling book "The Heart of Change"

Those at the top can not, hotyatNa bottoms do not work every day we are confronted with unproductive activities, and even stubbornness colleagues meaningless traditions such meetings that only distract from work, or "five-minute letuchek" actually neprepenno occupying all forty-five.

All this is very annoying. However, we do nothing, believing that change is possible. And wrong. One person can change the entire system (for example, Donald Berwick made a huge change in the US health care), not to mention the company or the team. It is only necessary to follow a simple and practical scheme, which we now describe.

MotivatsiyaPredpolozhim, your task - to achieve cost reductions of 10% in about 30 departments of the company. It is essential that heads of departments have done it without much resistance and recriminations. Braking is change managers themselves: in words support the idea, but do not hurry with the implementation. And you need to make rapid budget cuts.

Try to find a success story in which the heads of approach to problems creatively and come up with, what to save (for example, lighting or set the sensor to transfer the computers to outsource). Found? Help other departments copy their success.

EmotsiiVremya appeal to the emotions. The need for clear savings, but the reduction - from the category of problems that inspire fear. Hearing that will cut the budget by 10%, people tend to panic a little. So the next step - to break a big change for a few small.

Each week, choose two or three budget lines, for example, office supplies, training and travel, and the interest of the heads of departments, whether they will be reduced by 10% on these items.

SoperezhivanieVo Transition Hope is priceless. When the man got on the trail and moving through it, it is important to make progress as soon as possible more prominent. Remind colleagues that if every day to bring minor improvements, great things happen.

When managers cope with the first three lines of the budget, it is important not to lose momentum. Tell them: "A third of us have already done!" Make it clear that they have made progress, and closer to the goal.

PrivychkiKazhdy Monday as watches, requesting the report. And be sure to set patterns of behavior. For example, is sent to the Monday morning following letter: "If you think that to reduce by 10% the cost of trips does not work, call me today┬╗.

With a very logical and predictable process you make a series of budget cuts more routine, automatic. So, less intimidating.

TolpaNeobhodimo create a new social norm to which people will be striving. How to do it? Every 3-6 months start a planning meeting in advance by asking managers to prepare a program to reduce costs. In the first part of the planning meetings tell about progress - the participants will see any reduction occurred at the initial stage. And then let everyone share their proposals with colleagues. Result - together, not alone decision. There is a new social norm, "Think about budget cuts at the company level, rather than disparate departments┬╗.

There are two advantages. Firstly, everyone can see the scale of the work undertaken and the positive effects of the economy. Second, managers will positively influence each other - is contagious not only a bad example.

ItogPomnite: change is never easy. The world does not always want the same as you. You want to change the behavior of other people, but they also have the right to vote. You can beg, to influence, inspire and motivate, but people hardly give up a comfortable routine. Yet the changes are achievable.

And again, it is very versatile and flexible system, which is suitable for a variety of situations - at home, at work, in society. Naturally, you can use it and achieve personal victories.

Based on the book "The Heart of Change┬╗



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