So what lies behind this picture shock you, but it happens all the time

Late-Victorian era, middle and end of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries, left to our generations is one of the most terrible legacies - numerous posthumous photos of dead people. It was the first widespread technology for creating photo, daguerreotype, invented in the years 1820-1830 by the French Joseph Nicephore Niepce Jacques Mande Daguerre and, with that characteristic of the invention, it was announced after the death of the first.

Times were hard, medicine was not nearly as well developed as it is today, mortality - and especially mortality among children, minors - rolls over. Perhaps this is why while in some countries (eg Canada), the widespread practice of photographing not only the dead, but even the dead family members living with relatives.

So we come down to us photos that may cause shivers: dead children living with their parents; baby sitter on the lap of his dead mother; as if peering into the window of the house dead ... Yes, often dead in the photo were dressed up as living, even if they were touched by decay ... In the best case, they appear in the photocomposition sleeping, but sometimes we can see the corpses with their eyes open, who like watching us. Sometimes they even be mistaken for real people (if we did not know what they are actually dead).


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