This sauce with avocado and lemon salad every turn in divine pleasure!

Shop sauces and dressings are often very high in calories and contain a lot of preservatives. Eating sauce made at home will be your first step toward a correct and healthy eating. Make a simple salad with all the ingredients, season with his homemade sauce and a complete meal ready. On the Internet there are lots of recipes for a variety of dressings for salads, but this sauce with avocado and lemon you just have to taste.


1 avocado; 1/4 Art. olive oil; 1/4 Art. water; a small bunch of parsley; a clove of garlic; the juice of half a lemon; 1 h. liter. honey; salt and pepper to taste. Preparation:

Put all the ingredients except the oil and water in a food processor or blender. Turn it on and slowly zaley oil and water.

Voila! Nothing complicated in the preparation of this sauce is not, but it will add zest to any salad. This sauce goes well with salads with chicken, egg, cabbage and other ingredients.

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