Cheese cakes on kefir: 15 minutes - and delicious dish is ready!

Cheese cakes on kefir - a very tasty dish that is cooked incredibly fast. If you do not want to spend all the holidays for cooking at the stove, you will gain this recipe cheese scones. For their preparation you need some products that are sure to have you home. The process of preparing this wonderful dish does not take more than 15 minutes. Cheese cakes obtained hearty and rosy. Your close upletut them both cheeks and asked more additives. Try to cook, you will not regret!


1 tbsp. yogurt; to 0, 5 h. liter. salt, sugar and baking soda; 1 tbsp. grated hard cheese; 1 tbsp. grated ham or sausage (you can also use cheese with herbs); 2 tbsp. flour. How to prepare:

1. Add to the yogurt, salt, sugar, baking soda. Be sure to mix well.

2. Then add the grated cheese and flour, knead the dough.

3. Roll up the dough ball. Next, the dough is divided into four or six pieces, roll the cake thickness of about 2-3 mm, put the stuffing inside. Unite the edge of the cake and roll it out very carefully once again.

4. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Fire away cheese cakes on both sides over medium heat, covered lid.

Serve this dish hot with sour cream. Such a treat everyone will enjoy!

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