The healing properties of traditional Russian cuisine. It turns out to be healthy - delicious!

Russian national cuisine unusually distinctive and interesting. During its centuries of existence it has absorbed and creatively refined culinary traditions of many generations and nations. Ravioli, meat pies, pancakes, pies ... The only not please eyes and stomach skillful hostess! But in fact, this Russian cuisine is not so much. After all, it was of great importance not only products, but also the technology of their preparation. Did you know that Russian cuisine is not only tasty, but also useful for the organism?

1. Hot and cold soups
It is noteworthy that none of cuisine in the world can boast such a variety of soups: soup, soups, stew, rassolnik, ear, hash, beetroot ...

Cold soups are useful because they retain trace elements and vitamins that help cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system. Hot soups stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the blood, do not burden the stomach.

2. Baked dishes
It is noteworthy that in the old Russian food menu only baked.
Baked dishes do not irritate the pancreas, stomach, liver, do not lay excess fat in the body. And prolonged exposure of dishes at high temperatures destroys germs and parasites.

3. Sauerkraut, pickle, Salsola
Traditional Russian cuisine is unthinkable without the sour, pickled and savory dishes. Pickled apples, pickles, sour soup - vsë is not only delicious, but also helps the body well.

Sauerkraut relieves alcohol withdrawal syndrome, strengthens the body for colds, diseases of the digestive tract, its use reduces the risk of cancer, relieve morning sickness during pregnancy. Pickle may have a mild laxative effect, saturates the body with fiber, it helps fight obesity.

4. Porridge from whole grains
In olden porridge were divided into 3 types: friable, liquid and gruel. Each cereal is unique in its own way, but without exception, oatmeal normalizes the stomach and intestines, relieve the body of toxins, help you quickly lose weight.

5. Fermented food
Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk - primordially Russian products, but the butter and cream are borrowed from the French. Dairy products enhance immunity, normalize metabolism, supply the body with calcium, strengthen teeth, hair and nails.

6. Leavened bread made from rye flour
Bread in Russia was only rye, as wheat flour baked communion bread or rolls for the church. Rye bread saturates the body with fiber, promotes rapid weight loss, improves skin, hair, nails and teeth.

7. Natural kvass
Kvass was so popular drink that it is not only cooked in the manor, but also in hospitals, monasteries and even in soldiers' barracks.

Kvass has a pronounced antibacterial properties, normalizes the activity of the intestinal microflora, has a high nutritional value, great thirst quencher.

Everyone prefers to eat meals of those products to which he was accustomed from childhood. However, many people forget that the same components can be connected in different ways and that the method of preparation will depend not only taste, but also the nutritional value of prepared meals. Tell your friends about the benefits of traditional Russian cuisine, this is interesting!

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