7 recipes for preparation of tomatoes for the winter. In the treasury of every woman!

Tomato - is a favorite food of many. By its nutritional value of this product it is one of the first places among the vegetables. Juicy tomatoes eaten fresh, fried, boiled, and can and prepare them sauces and gravies. And that's not all you can do with this wonderful vegetable. We offer you 7 simple recipes that turn an ordinary tomatoes into masterpieces of culinary art.

1. Classic marinated tomatoes
You will need:

2 kg of fresh tomatoes; 1 bell pepper; 2-3 cloves of garlic; pea allspice; 1 red hot pepper; cloves; apple vinegar; sugar and salt. each pure L jar put 4 pea allspice, cloves 3-5 inflorescences, chopped clove of garlic, a quarter of the bell peppers and a little hot pepper. Washed and dried tomatoes are laid in the banks. Pour the boiling water and let stand for half an hour. Slay water and add 4 tbsp. l. sugar and 2 tbsp. l. of salt per liter marinade. Boil and zaley banks. Add 2 tbsp. l. vinegar in the jar. Pull up and turn the banks. Let cool at room temperature.

2. Tomato sauce at home
You will need:

2 kg of tomatoes; 4 carrots; 6 apples; 2 hours. l. salt; 2 tbsp. l. sugar; 4 tbsp. l. A 9% vinegar; pepper, garlic (to taste). , carrots, peeled apple mince. Add salt, sugar, vinegar, put the stew. After 20 minutes of boiling, add crushed garlic and pepper. Mix well. Put all of the banks and sterilized them in a saucepan with water, after putting a towel at the bottom. Banks tighten the lid and put upside down for 12 hours. Ready sauce Store in a cool dark place.
3. Delicious salad of tomato and pepper
You need

1, 5 kg of pepper; 1, 5 kg of ripe tomatoes; 1/2 Art. l. salt; 100 ml apple cider vinegar; 100 g of honey; 10 peas black pepper. peppers from seeds we shall cut oblong slices. Tomatoes - slices. Mix, add salt, honey and vinegar and leave to infuse for as long as not to stand out juice. After that, put the dishes with vegetables on the fire, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Then pour the boiling salad sterilized jars, roll them, turn upside down and wrap up.

4. Teschin tomatoes
You'll need:

green tomatoes; garlic; carrots; 2-4 sprigs of green celery; red hot pepper. For the marinade for 1 liter of water:

1 tbsp. l. salt; 1 tbsp. l. apple cider vinegar; 1 h. liter. sugar; 2 cloves bud; 2-3 pea black pepper; 1 hot pepper; a few coriander seeds; < / 1 bay leaf. tomatoes approximately the same size. Clean and we shall cut slices of carrots and garlic - plates. Cut the tomato in half, but not until the end of the circle and paste plate of carrots and garlic. The resulting stuffed tomatoes are laid in the banks. Add to each jar a small sprig of celery and a slice of hot pepper length of 1 centimeter. Pour the hot marinade. All components of the marinade boil except vinegar, which is added at the end. Sterilize liter jars for 15 minutes and rolls.

5. Tomatoes Korean
You will need:

2 kg of tomatoes, sliced ​​in half; 4 bell peppers; 2 heads of garlic; the green. For the filling:

100 g of vinegar; 100 g of vegetable oil; 100 g sugar; 2 tbsp. l. salt. the garlic and pepper and mix well. We shall cut greens. Laid out in layers in a three-liter jar of tomatoes, then a mixture of vegetables and herbs. Bank to close the cover and refrigerate. After 8-10 hours of tomatoes will be ready. The dish can be eaten immediately, but if the refrigerator allows, and wait until the winter.

6. Sauce «Yum»
You will need:

3 kg of tomatoes; 3 heads of garlic; 1 tbsp. sugar; 1 h. liter. cinnamon; 1/2 Art. vegetable oil; 1/3 Art. A 9% apple cider vinegar; 1 tbsp. l salt. the tomatoes through a meat grinder. Then boil them for about an hour until thickened. After add salt, cinnamon, butter, sugar and garlic and cook a further 20 minutes. At the end pour vinegar, cook for another 5 minutes and roll the jar.

7. Tomato sauce
You need to two-liter jar:

2 kg of tomatoes; 1 large bunch of cilantro; 1 head of garlic; 1/2 ch. l. red pepper; 1, 5, Art. l salt. tomatoes in a blender along with the skin. Vary them to medium density, stirring constantly. Separately, chop all the seasonings, then connect everything together, stir thoroughly and roll up in banks.

These recipes tomato useful any hostess. Cook delicious that this useful vegetable and entertain your loved ones.

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