Cleaning joy: 10 useful tips for the kitchen, past the place where it is not necessary.

Keep the kitchen clean and tidy - a real art. Many housewives know how to get rid of the soot in the oven or microwave to wash the fat, without spending a whole day. However, even the most experienced in the economy women are always happy to learn new and useful tricks. This time, we collected 10 great tips for the kitchen, past the place where it is not necessary.

1. The glassware can be washed very simply and household chemicals out of the store. To do this, add a little warm water, vinegar and salt. Ware will be clearer and more transparent.

2. Aluminum pots will again shining inside, if they boil water with potato peelings, apple peel, peel the rhubarb or vinegar.

3. enamel pot that had darkened with time or burnt by boiling with any dishwashing detergent with 1 st. l. soda. Then rinse well with hot water. To prevent browning boil them with a solution of vinegar once a month.

4. The interior is very well cleaned with a solution of baking soda. Take 4 tbsp. l. 1 liter of soda water. Apply and wipe. The freshness and purity are guaranteed!

5. Without chef laundry soap in burnt pan. Then it will be easy to wash with a sponge.

6. If escape spilled milk on a hot stove, falling asleep bathed in place with salt and cover it with wet parchment paper. The smell does not spread throughout the room.

7. To not start in flour insects, put it in a place where it is stored, a couple of cloves of garlic without peeling from the husk.

8. To make it easier to sharpen knives, put them in a weak saline solution for some time and Tochi, without wiping.

9. To wash the meat grinder was easier to miss the end through her raw potatoes.

10. New glass beakers will not beat from light blows, if put in a container with cold water and slowly heat to boil and leave them to cool in the same water.

We hope that these useful tricks will be useful to you when you're hosting the kitchen.

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