That's what happens if you put in the ear, a slice of onion. Why did not I know this before?

Our mothers and grandmothers are well aware that there is no better medicine than natural remedies. They not only help cure ailments, but do not harm our body as it can make the medicines purchased at a pharmacy. One of the wonderful tools, which was used by our grandmothers is the usual onions. It may even cure chronic diseases that have long been poisoning your life today to share with you some ways to use this natural medication.

1. Luke shoots down the temperature

It is ideal for children. If your children of high temperature, we shall cut onion rings and moisten it in apple cider vinegar. Then attach the ring to the feet in socks and ears. The heat from this medication decreases very quickly.

2. Best killer infections

To kill the infection, you first need to prepare the onion paste. To do this, boil the milk and pour it on thick slice of white bread and rub on his bow. Knead bread with onions and milk until a smooth paste. Pasta is ready to get rid of the infection, you're left to disinfect the infected place and make a paste with gauze and secure with a bandage. With the bandage need to go 2-2, 5 hours. This procedure must be repeated until the infection disappears.

3. Able to stop the bleeding

Onions help you with the small abrasions and cuts. If there was a failure to you and you hurt your finger is simply applied to the affected area gauze, which will roll up a couple pieces of onion. Do not blink of an eye, as the bleeding stops. To bruise has healed quickly, repeat the procedure several times.

4. Medicine burn

It's hard to believe, but the most common onion will help heal sunburn and not only. To do this, you need to make a couple of slices of this product to the wound and leave for 2 minutes. And if after this also applied to the burn egg white, will take the pain and scar then not be.

5. Treat cough onion

Onion juice - a highly effective cough syrup, but hardly anyone wants to use it in this form. Therefore, when you cough put a piece of onion in the ear. Since onion juice gets into the bloodstream and relieve you from bad cough.

6. You chills?

If you are not throwing in the heat and cold, bow and this will help you to cope. Eat one raw onion and a few hours you'll feel better.

7. From bow held pain in the ears and head

Ear pain - a very unpleasant phenomenon, but with a bow on it is possible to get rid of in a jiffy. Just put a piece of onion in the ears, and it will reduce the inflammation. Well, if you are tormented by migraine, repeat this procedure before going to bed. Let onions lies in the ears until the morning.

8. Onions reduces scars

It sounds like a miracle of miracles, but it's true. Surgical scars is really possible to make less noticeable by using bulbs. Just regularly rubs them the desired area of ​​the skin.

9. Bee stings

If you are bitten by an insect, apply to the site of the bite of chopped onion. It will reduce swelling, pull the poison and speed healing of the skin.

These little tips will help you lower your body with poison drugs. Remember, these methods use a bow, because they will surely be useful to you!

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