How to change your life for the better: 12 of the Law of Karma, which few people know.

Karma - a perfect human actions and their consequences, which determine the fate. It helps us to rethink life and extract from it any lessons. "You can not escape from the results of our actions" - the basis of karmic laws. To change your life for the better, pay attention to the 12 laws of karma. They form the destiny of man.

1. Great Law
You are in life only what he puts into it.

If you want to be happy and loved, you must love yourself, treat others with respect and kindness.

2. The law of creation
In life, nothing happens by itself, we have to do something for it.

Be yourself.

3. The law of growth
To go ahead, change yourself, not other people.

Once a person changes his mind, and the changing external factors.

4. The Law of humility
To change something, you must first take it for granted.

Try to notice the good in people. Concentrate on your friends rather than enemies.

5. Liability Act
If you have a problem in your life, then it is in you.

The man - a reflection of the world, and the world - our reflection.

No one but us is responsible for our lives.

6. The law relationship
Each of your action has a consequence.

To get results, you need to start.

For a ship sailing without a purpose, no wind is favorable.

On the way to the goal of all the steps are important, even the smallest.

Past, present and future are closely linked to each other.

7. Law Focus
Always focuses only on something one.

When you think about something high, it is difficult to fall down.

8. Act of donation
If you have something to prove, I am sure that it is ready to show by example.

Man is able to teach only what he was in practice.

9. The law here and now
I do not regret the past and not to speculate about the future. Live for today.

All good things in life you have to realize on the spot.

Old interfere appear new.

10. The law of patience and reward
Valuable awards require more labor.

Joy is to do what you want, and know that the rewards will come.

11. The law of change
Until you take forth a lesson from anything, life will put you in a situation that will facilitate this and make you change your way.

Everything flows, everything changes.

12. Law inspiration
A man gets what he deserves.

What is done with love, always inspiring.

Take on arming the karmic laws and change your life for the better. Share with your friends this useful information!

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