The trick this guy called "How to remove the rind from the watermelon," Crazy.

Breeders do not get tired to amaze us with their extraordinary achievements. Apple crossed with a pear? Please. Plum, crossed with apricot? Easily. Seedless watermelons? And this is possible! Look closely at the video, the guy did just an incredible thing! Magic watermelon seemed fabulous fruit whose seeds and wants to put at his dacha. Ready for miracles? These children were clearly not ready! Do not tell me that we did not warn you!

1. This guy has already become famous in the network because of its video, "How to remove the rind from the watermelon».

2. It's incredible!

3. The kids obviously did not expect this.

4. Do you want to repeat the trick? You need two watermelon.

5. Choose one and clean it from the skin.

6. clean up the fruit of white pulp.

7. Polish the watermelon so that it becomes smooth.

8. Cut the watermelon in half a second and the flesh scraped out with a spoon.

9. This is how myths are debunked, or create a fairy tale. Everyone - his own.

10. It remains only to hide the smooth flesh of another peel. Done!

11. Magic watermelon can be of any size!

We offer to your attention the video, which shows in detail how to make a similar focus.

We hope you too liked this guy optimism and the video infected your positive for the day. Express Yourself tale with their own hands! Be sure to share this article with your friends - give them a smile today!

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