Useful properties of watermelon

Watermelon is not only one of the most popular delicacies, it still has many useful properties.


A total of 150 grams of watermelon is enough to satisfy the daily need of a healthy person in magnesium.The magnesium in watermelon very much. That's why people with hypertension need to use it.In addition, the watermelon perfectly displays the cholesterol that is very important in cardiovascular diseases.

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A unique feature of watermelon in the fact that his pochote juice has natural acids and salts that is in the rest of the berries and fruits. And it has a alkali. All this makes the watermelon is incredibly useful for the urinary system.


Diuretic properties of watermelon stronger than any other species of flora. Even these dastani has not only watermelon flesh, and the crust.

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100 grams of excellent tasty flesh contains only 38 calories.That's why watermelon is appealing to those who want to lose weight. It is often used to reduce appetite. Watermelon gives a feeling of satiety, thus not affecting the problem of excess weight.

Moreover, watermelon is folic acid, normalizing fat metabolism.


Rosman fork juicy pulp and applying it on face for 20 minutes wash the mask, you will notice that the skin looks much smoother.

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Watermelon juice dissolves and removes toxins from the liver. Here opchemu with her chronic diseases and severe food poisoning watermelons should not be disregarded. The one who not long ago had surgery with anesthesia, watermelons can often be shown. Their juice helps the liver to quickly clear the body of drugs.


The ripeness of a melon is often determined by the sound it makes when knocking on the rind. Watermelons dull noises just not ripe. And very true, on the contrary, overdue. You need to choose something in between.

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If you want to eat plenty of watermelon, preferably for 2-3 hours before do not eat too salty foods. The fact that salt retains fluid in the body. And juicy watermelon can be a heavy load for the patient heart, or cause swelling.Suffering from chronic intestinal diseases of watermelon to get involved is not desirable. It can cause bloating.

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