Total for 1, 5 minutes the man was able to tell that worries all of us ... At the point!

Most people just do what complains that fate has deprived them of their benefits. They want to get what you want in a blink of an eye, but do not make this effort. They think that the whole universe and the surrounding are in a worldwide conspiracy against them. But in fact, in a fit of anger and resentment, they just do not notice the main thing. You can see around them in the sea trials, while the fate gives you a sea of ​​possibilities. What God gives us: the quality or the ability to express it? You will find the answer in this one, 5-minute dialogue.

God is not a magician! What did you do to get what so passionately desire? You want to be wise? Be wise! Do you want to be strong? Do not miss this opportunity given to you from above, to show their strength. Do you want to be loved? To love yourself! If you sit idly by it and do not expect that luck to you unexpectedly knocks at the door. The fate of the kind to each of us. But can we take full responsibility in their hands and see the possibilities on the way to our goal? Share these wise words with their friends.


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