Mystic Dress: finally learned what color it actually is!

Most likely you've seen this dress, and you probably have your own opinion about his color. But the world still can not come to a definite opinion. For some, it is always blue and black, for others - a white-gold and nothing else!

Even there have been cases when a person first, it seemed that the dress of the same color, and then after some time he was sure in the opposite!

This dress has caused a lot of trouble too. It's time to face the truth and to know what color is it really.

What is the dress picture, because of which so much controversy:

Photo: Tumblr

Some say the original dress, if the lighting was better, should look like this:

Photo: Tumblr

The others believe that, if not excessive light, the dress would be so:

Photo: Twitter

But why do people see different colors on the same picture? There is one version of this bill, and it is irrelevant to the settings of the monitor, on which depends nothing, we checked.

The thing is, as the eyes of every individual to respond to illuminate the subject. Some decide that the dress is dark (or its surface highly reflective) and the brain takes the eyes signal that you need to compensate for this. From white-gold color. Others think of the dress falls too much light (or less reflective surface), and their eyes show them that it is blue-black.

Just like in the famous optical illusion Adelson. The picture box "A" is the same color as the square of the "B", although it seems that is not the case. B>

Photo: Wikipedia

In general, it turns out that the human eye sees the image the way the brain perceives it. Also important is the past experience. If a person saw or cloth-like texture similar to dress a certain color, it is likely to affect it, what color he would see in the photo with the dress. This phenomenon called "difference in perception" scientists still know little.

And here is a photo of the real dress. It still turned blue-black. B>

Photo: Romanoriginals

A good trick played us our brains and eyes, is not it? Hurry to share this incredible discovery with your friends!


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