While mom was engaged in cleaning, the child decided to impose its own order ... The truth of life, familiar to all moms!

If you - Mom, do you like anyone, you should be familiar with what it is when you "sit" maternity "leave" and time is flying recklessly. You do not have time to look back, as was the whole day. The question is: what are you doing all this time? But the answer to this question is known only to mothers. In this funny video demonstrated the truth of life. While mom, like a real hostess, is engaged in cleaning, shkodny child brings its own order. Sometimes even the husband adds fuel to the fire, and behaves in a similar way. And then the mothers do not envy! But this mother truly titanic patience. Look how it responds to calm the little tricks Wives. This mother really deserves a medal!

The child played, he does not cry ... This wise mom knows that the main thing - to prioritize, as pure mirror is not as important as the peace in the family. It should be around to see its advantages. This cleaning - a good fitness for mom and for baby - development. The main thing - a healthy baby, and everything else somehow prosper. Husbands, most of their wives. And you, mother, appreciate it a great time, because the child grows and this will never happen again. Another will miss such a moment, you'll see! After decades past difficulties will be remembered as the years of joy. Share this video life with your friends.



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