No one suspected that this sweet grandmother will give this! This storm roads.

It starts as an ordinary trip to the elderly in old-fashioned car of the Soviet era. A man rides behind the wheel, and his wife sitting next to.

But it turns out that in the back seat of the car stashed another wheel - the same as the real thing. Grandma takes it in his hands and begins to twist, depicting the driver. And then a couple of rides to another car with a man at the wheel, who sees in the window of an old woman.

What does an elderly woman further - the mind boggles! Watch the video and find out how she managed to scare the death of the driver. This is a trick!

After watching this movie, one thing is for sure - at this old lady is all right with the humor. The woman has fun and enjoys life, even in his old age that, without doubt, worthy of respect. But her joke a little out of place, because it could provoke an emergency situation, so do not try to repeat this! Share this incredibly funny movie with your friends!


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