Do you want to change something - start with yourself! The story of the good old woman who made this world brighter.

There are many theories about what needs to be done to change the world. Is it possible at all? Probably ... Okay! What do you need? My friend, if you think this is an instantaneous process, which does not need to exert much effort to this important - first, to change other people, you are mistaken. All global, ambitious and grandiose actually consists of tiny shazhochkami each of us.

This is the story of how one person can make the world just a little brighter. Just fire in his luminaire is able to cover the darkness in any weather. Ready to save the world? Well, we have prepared for you a recipe. It turns out that everything is very simple ...

In our entrance grandmother lived. Grandmother Lyuba. She was 97 years old. Sweet, nice old lady, always in a good mood, smiling and friendly.

First Granny Lyuba decorated window sills on our floor and our porch pots with flowers. Handsomely. The next day, the most vivid colors, those that are in bud, stole, and near the subway can be seen nimble traders with pots of flowers grandmother.

Neighbors decided to put a lock and intercom at the front door. And the old lady hung on the walls of the frame with great sayings, awaken the conscience and acting as a commandment. Again, I put the flowers on the windowsill. And in the entrance of the newly zatsarila cozy atmosphere.

The staircase began to penetrate delinquent youth. One grandmother Lyuba came out and offered them water or tea. They laughed for a long time. Then poobryvali all the flowers and turned the frame.

The next day, she again put the flowers back under the previous look and put it on the windowsill of the book. Classics. Came teenagers. Galdeli, rustled. She went out and offered them tea ... with their buns, mouth-watering and delicious smelling. The boys could not refuse. And even dragged along with a promise to read a book. Flowers are not touched, the frame too.

The next day she brought a plastic bottle with water, so that everyone who decided to take care of the flowers, unable to pour, and new books. In the evening we came teenagers poured water on each other, laughing and pranks. My grandmother came back to him and offered tea, buns, took a bottle, fill it with water and asked them to water the flowers.

The boys began to come into the entrance every day. Neighbors began complaining, even once called the police. But the old lady said it was, they say, it came for her students books, distributed at the policemen book confused teens and police carried the words: "God be with you!»

At the entrance there was a bookcase. Nearby hung announcement: "Please! If you have at home interesting books already read you, please share! And those who took the check out, please return for those who also it may be necessary and important! »

The cabinet filled with books. Flowers appeared on window sills on all floors. Beautiful frame with quotes too. Every evening, the entrance door to the building began to leave open.

In the evening you could see on the stairs of teenagers reading books. Grandmother put on the windowsill a few small lamps, that they should be easier to read. Children sitting in the entrance to activate the flashlight, and it was lighter than usual.

Grandmother died. On the ground floor of our house we opened a club for children and teenagers with a library and flowers on the windowsills. The symbol of the club became a flashlight ...

Perhaps you have already guessed that this story - fictional. Grandma - an allegory. Yes, without people like this sweet old lady, our world would be empty, and our souls - orphan. If you want to change things around - to start Any itself become a grandmother. Nobody says it's easy. Maybe good things do not immediately give their results, but then these fruits will delight more than one generation. Once laid grain goodness necessarily proizrastut. In another it does not happen! Tell us about this eye-opening stories to his friends.

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