25 nice things that likes to do each. Before that can resist no man!

Our life is certainly composed of a wide variety of things, and not very happy. Often himself without realizing it, you become a little happier and more fun from the seemingly ordinary things. How cool to run barefoot on the grass on the green lawn, breathe the scent of a new book, or listen to your favorite cat purring ... Familiar smells, sounds, touches make us even for a moment to escape and enjoy the departing point. It's nice anyway!

In this list you will see everything that gives pleasure to anyone, wherever he was and whatever did. No one can resist these stunning sensations! I am once again convinced that happiness - in simple human pleasures, available to everyone. No amount of money can buy is fun!

1. Listen to the purr of a cat lying on the chest

2. To touch a rosary

3. Warm their cold hands or feet near the fire

4. Ran barefoot on the grass

5. Sneeze three or more times in a row

6. Wear clean clothes svezhevyglazhennuyu

7. Inhale the aroma of a new book

8. For the first time to kiss someone who is nice to you

9. Turn the pillow and put my head on the cold side

10. Slowly strolling in the warm summer rain

11. Take a sip of cold water in the heat

12. Take a shower with the perfect water temperature

13. Wear sunglasses that have just rubbed

14. Open one eye in the morning and realize that today's work is not necessary

15. Push the bubbles on the wrapping film

16. Drink the first sip of coffee in the morning

17. Remove uncomfortable shoes after a long day

18. Fall into bed after a long day's work or a sleepless night

19. Bury hand wool beloved cat or dog

20. To visit a massage

21. Hug someone for whom you are greatly missed

22. Brush your teeth a new toothbrush

23. Wrapped in a blanket, when the rain outside the window

24. Kiss the baby in soft smooth cheek

25. Try the first piece of a favorite dish

And here's another bonus - a video of the most pleasant feelings in the world. Think of your favorite moments! B>

Oh, already goosebumps, how cool! Even when you're sad, you never forget about these little human joys that make life more pleasant. Do not be lazy, share the amenities with your friends, give them a good mood. I'm crazy about this one!

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