This fisherman did not expect such a catch. But what he did after, he deserves great respect!

What is a real man can not imagine life without fishing? It is no secret that many wives are sometimes skeptical of such a hobby of their husbands. However, the ladies have nothing to worry even if there is no catch, fishing with the men returned happy, like elephants, because there they are fueled by positive emotions and get rid of anger.

Today we will speak about a rather surprising way. We all know that catfish can reach downright gigantic size, which makes them one of the largest fish on the planet. In this regard, there are many anecdotes, myths and legends. Rumor has it that these fish can reach gigantic size and weigh up to 1000 kg, ordinary people still have not been able to catch such ekzmplyarov. However, it is still not scientifically proven facts. Experience shows that fishermen catch catfish are rarely brought more than 50 kg.

The Italian e Dino Ferrari Dario lucky day. After 40 minutes of fighting, he caught a huge river catfish weighing 127 kg and a length of the body 2, 7 meters. B>

It happened on the river Po. The fisherman did not even know that on that day he expects such a surprise. B>

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the biggest catfish in the world he was caught in Thailand. It weighed no less than 292 kg! B>

The catfish is the biggest predator of the river. It reaches such proportions because of its omnivorous: moustached resident river depths are not averse to eat more small fish and rodents, and even birds. B>

Fisher-schatlivets could not believe my eyes when I still pulled the catch ashore.

He decided to capture this event to be documented. And everyone knows the fishermen like to brag about their achievements. But not in this case ...

It's not an optical illusion, the width of the fin catfish - 32 cm. This is gigantische!

And this fish weighs only a 127 kg. Of course, before the world record is still far, but what happiness is precisely falls on everyone ...

And now the most interesting and unpredictable part of the story. You ahnesh surprise, but after the photo shoot Italian Rybalov released mustachioed giant monster ... back into the river. That is an act of this man!

You decide to regard the action as the Italian heroism or considered complete madness. In any case, this extraordinary Events prove that you can expect surprises at every turn. The main thing - do not miss your goldfish.

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