30 amazing facts about the eyes, after reading that you just begin to appreciate their vision!

No human eye perceives as something supernatural. However, you can not even imagine how unique human organ of vision. It is a mechanism that consists of one billion smallest details and allows you to perceive the world in a certain way. But that's why people do not give the body of particular significance. And in vain, because anyone who spends at monitors day and night, should think what they may soon lose.

He wants people to appreciate what nature has given them. Did you know, for example, how many shades of gray in fact can discern how many lives eyelashes and eyes differ from your Johnny Depp? Answers to these and other questions you will know very soon. Here are some amazing facts about eyes and vision that can greatly surprise you. This proves once again, how is it that unique and unrepeatable human being is created.

1. You can see only the sixth part of the eyeball of another person.

2. Every 12th males - colorblind.

3. The diameter of the eye is about 2, 5 cm, and they weigh approximately 8 grams.

4. You can not sneeze with his eyes open.

5. Of all the muscles of the human body, the muscles that control eye - the most active.

6. Pupils dilate to 45%, when you look at someone you love.

7. Residents of Mayan thought squint attractive and tried to make sure that their children were cross-eyed.

8. Your eyes can distinguish 500 shades of gray.

9. The eyes began to develop about 550 million years ago. A simple eye photoreceptor protein particles were unicellular animals.

10. About 10 000 years ago, all people had brown eyes. Once one person who lived in the Black Sea region, there was a genetic mutation that led to the emergence of blue eyes.

11. Each eye contains 107 million cells, and they are sensitive to light.

12. Fear of the eye called ommatofobiya.

13. Your eyes focused about 50 things in a moment.

14. Eyes are using 65 percent of the resources of the brain.

15. Johnny Depp blind in his left eye and on the right is short-sighted.

16. The astronauts can not cry in space due to gravity. Tears gather in small balls and start to pinch eyes.

17. The retina sees the world upside down, and the brain turns the "picture". To see the world the way he sees your retina, you need to wear prismatic glasses.

18. Blink takes about 100-150 milliseconds, and you can blink five times per second. Now I understand why they say "do not have time to blink an eye┬╗.

19. In the eyes of bees have hairs. They help to determine the direction and speed of the wind.

20. In an average lifetime, a person sees about 24 million different images.

21. Your eyes are almost the same size as at birth.

22. Sometimes people with aphakia (absence of the lens), report that they see the ultraviolet light spectrum.

23. The human eye can make smooth (not broken) traffic only if watching a moving object.

24. Newborns see at a distance of about 38 cm. This is approximately the distance at which the mother's face while feeding.

25. Approximately 2% of women have a rare genetic mutation that makes them observed more cones of the retina. This allows them to see 100 million colors.

26. If you are nearsighted, your eyeball is longer than normal. If you suffer from farsightedness - it is shorter than normal.

27. Schizophrenia can be determined with an accuracy of 98, 3% by a conventional test for eye movement.

28. If a picture with the flash at you or your friends only one eye is red, it is likely that you have a tumor of the eyes (in case both eyes facing the same direction in the camera). Fortunately, the cure rate is 95%.

29. There is too "complex" to the human eye color, they are called "impossible colors┬╗.

30. Eyes are charged the brain work more than any other parts of the body.

Never forget that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Whatever the color of the iris you do not, remember that vision - a unique gift that is given to us from above in order to enjoy every moment in this world. By the way, how long have you been doing exercises for the eyes? Do not you overdo it, so it was not like that joke when an eye doctor asks the patient, "What I show the letter?" He says, "And where are you?" Take seriously your health!

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