My grandfather kindest eyes in the world

My grandfather kindest eyes in the world. Having such a hard life, overcoming difficulties, getting used to a new life, taking not always pleasant change, he never ceased to emit light, and his eyes were tender and full of endless kindness.

It seems that an entire generation of our grandparents - it's almost supermen. Gone through so much turmoil and change in the country and never complained, proudly overcome all difficulties and has master smartphones.

Now many grandfather learns from me, but much more important than all the things he taught me.

  • Work ennobles. And pumps up, improves appetite, provides sound sleep and enhances the enjoyment of the effect of the subsequent relaxation. You can always earn a living, and not just if you do not be lazy
  • If you have something does not work -. Means bad try. So think more and try again. And then think about it again, only this time his head and try again. ! Bring target itself, without assistance, and understand, what fun it
  • The best seasoning to food - is hunger. You must know what real hunger when you already can not nothing else to think about when in the stomach is not just muttered, but as if it sits very angry and too hungry lion roars, and that is urine! Then you will begin to better appreciate the food. And you will not say. "It is I eat, I eat»
  • Do not throw the bread, and in general any food. You can give it to the birds and the animals, they will be very grateful.
  • The house in the village we had no TV. No one ever in our family this was not surprised. Surprises only the neighbors. The answer is simple: why is it needed, if at your disposal 20 acres of land to work, vast expanses of nature to explore and togetherness and 24 hours a day
  • On the events no one forgot the world!. But it was the radio. All the latest news in the world of the mind, as well as unforgettable musical concerts for the soul - all of this easily provides radio
  • Work work, but self-development has not been canceled.. Full House books a wide range of subjects. Look for interesting books and acknowledge yourself
  • But most importantly -. That's what my grandfather I learned to appreciate. Cherish life, to appreciate the bread, appreciate the warm house, peacetime. Until now, a favorite delicacy of his grandfather - a potato and bread. And drink tea with bread.
  • And respect. Elders, relatives, friends. To greet them at the meeting and help than you can.
  • And believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the best, believe in the human mind, and infinite possibilities.
  • A more forgiving. This is generally a very valuable quality - the ability to forgive and forget grudges. My grandfather used to say that to keep the offense for more than three days -. It is a sin
    He remains contemporary. Find out the "not Tupi" expressions "Che you are persecuting!", "Conder", "selfie", "social networks", "lucky", "in the trend».

    My grandfather and all of our grandparents - keepers of traditions, customs, honesty, hard-working, knowledge, songs with meaning and just something incredibly light and good

    . I'll go call my grandfather, I ask, how are you doing. And then two grandmothers: say, what they do wonderful ...

    Author: Alice Miftahutdinova for Website
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