Here's how actually looks depressed ... I never would have thought!

You probably had noticed that most of the stories that tell about those or other psychological problems or illnesses, often accompanied by pictures, like this black and white image of oppressive, located below.

However, people who once faced with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or other psychological problems, in fact, no different from all those who, fortunately, have not yet managed to survive something like that. In this we were convinced that explore the history of these simple-looking people suffering from various mental disorders. Honestly, I do not mean to say that some of them are tormented by depression ...

Anna KOPSKÉ "I remember with horror the time when every morning could barely bring myself to simply get out of bed».
«In the fall of 2013, I was trained in England, though my home university is located in the town of Napervil Illinois. Then I for two full years desperately struggled with depression. Do not believe me, but this picture was taken at a disappointing time when my mom came to visit me for a week in England. I do not put into words how I was glad her arrival! But at the time, is to recognize in me is an internal struggle for life and death ... I was very depressed and even tried to cut his wrists. It seemed that nothing and no one can help me. When my mom came, we made a bunch of shots and got great pleasure from hanging. But when I look at these photos, I feel at ease and I remember the feeling when you simply do not want to get out of bed even if you live in the coolest country in the world and beside you are your best friends. "< / i>

Rehan Ansari: "My life at some point turned into self-flagellation ...»
«It is necessary to admit that the first two years of study have stood out for me ... difficult for me and those who were next to me. I felt bad, constantly engaged in self-reproach, and almost nothing to eat. At this point, I decided to tell his parents the doldrums, but I did not tell anyone about what a ruthless struggle going on inside me. My life at some point turned into self-flagellation. Sometimes I even get better, but then there came a time when I again had to give himself up. Medications only help alleviate the pain experienced by me, but, alas, they do not eliminate the problem. Those who were close to me had a hard time ... They are constantly pulled me out of the pit, so I somehow stayed afloat. Sometimes it seemed to me that the best way out of this situation - is, figuratively speaking, to hide under the table ». I>

Kvamin Jess: "I have a great family! But they had no idea that after I had to go ... »
«This picture was taken back in 2012. Here I am 17 ... After 6 months of my depression and suicide attempts parents decided that it would be nice to send me to stay with relatives in New York. But despite all the good things that happened to me during this amazing trip, I was in a deep depression and suffered from low self-esteem. I will not deny I have a great family. But they had no idea that after I had to go. I simply did not want to burden them with their problems ». I>

Matoks Nikki: "I put on a smile showed to hide all the pain experienced».
«I was depressed in 14 years. It was not the best time of my life. It seemed to me that the only emotions, which I can do - it's fear, anxiety, sadness and despair. Nevertheless, I showed feigned a smile to hide all the pain experienced. I often had to step over themselves, for example, to go to school and look very happy and healthy. In the summer I wore a T-shirt with long sleeves to hide scars from cuts on his hands. When I asked why I was wearing a warm jacket, I just smile and say that I am cold ». I>

Morgan Shanahan: "As soon as I manage to melt into the crowd, I feel like I'm at ease».
«Before I got pregnant, I did not even know what a depression. Anxiety and postpartum depression fell on me like a brick on his head. It has been more than a year before I was able to return to their previous state. Many people thought I was sociable, thought I was on a life that still an optimist, but they had no idea how much it cost me effort. The more I learned people, the more I became a social phobia. As soon as I was able to just disappear into the crowd, I felt that I was at ease ». I>

Laura Silver, "I think I'm drowning in your own insignificance».
«In 2008, I went through all the circles of hell. I felt helpless and lost. I remember when I was looking for something suitable clothes to go out in the evening somewhere with friends and not feel ugly. But I still felt out of place. I remember that night I felt uncomfortable feeling. Something the matter is not bugging me. In the snapshot, and you will not tell, but I felt complete confusion ... as if I was drowning in his own insignificance. I counted the hours to wait for friends and just go home ». I>

Here's how actually looks depressed. What you do not see signs of it, does not mean that it is not. At first glance, all these people - like us. They're trying to live a normal life without exposing their problems show, but inside each of them takes a desperate struggle for survival. Do not be indifferent to these people, and if there are among your friends someone who had experienced depression first hand, substitute a friendly shoulder and help him get out of this dark abyss. Share this article useful with his comrades.


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