This is perhaps the most honest 17 explanatory that melt the heart of any director. Masterpieces!

Every conscientious employee know the truth: if you are in something naughty at work - write explanatory! Late for work - if you say why, drinking on the job - try to convince the director that you are neither sleep nor spirit did not realize that it is you pour, not out on patrol - starts looking for good excuses to be left in this position.

However, there is a special type of people who are able to soften, and even convince a good amuse anyone, even the most strict and principled officer. These merry disagree with that explanatory - after all, the document type, and deviate from the formal style of presentation is not very much and accepted. They come with a sense of humor even in such a seemingly boring and boring things.

publishes today a compilation of the most brilliant explanatory incredibly creative and ambitious employees who have their own view of the world. One can only imagine the expression of individual chiefs who once fall on the table such gems. I have no doubt that at that moment a smile on his face can not help even the most severe boss. And the main thing - all to be honest!

The heroic saga describing the details.

Here smacks of mysticism and evil spirits!

Here is laid out on shelves. Freud would have cried! B>

Do not my fault that they have bought the right!

And now a few words about the meaning of life ...

Oh, those Chinese headphones ...

Love abhors fuss!

without a cat is not the life ...

it seems to work there was a local Che Guevara. B>

Kinship will bring to no good ...

Inspire me as someone finally!

What do you have to go to a long-awaited vacation?

Well, how could miss such an event?

When an employee - illustrator from God.

holiday heart desires!

Minimalism - instead of thousands of words ...

For the reduction had to no good will bring ...

I hope you laughed heartily at these hilarious explanatory that well, just brilliant! If suddenly you have to once write that kind of thing your boss, try to approach the creative process. I bet any director will attach itself to the wall of such a masterpiece, from time to time to lift your mood.

Be sure to share this with all explanatory colleagues that they, too, took a mental note biting idea.

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