From a letter by Sergei Bodrov beloved wife ... heartfelt words that sink into the soul.

We as a generation of nihilists, are inclined to say that everything is illusory in this world nothing is eternal. Sooner or later, it runs everything: love, friendship, loyalty, affection. If the ultimate truth is the statistic for you, then you're right: the way it is. But, man, if you believe in that man - it is something more than dry numbers and statistics, you will fight for their feelings and proneseshsya them through life.

Penetration of the statement of the late Sergei Bodrov has addressed to his beloved wife, is able to reach even the coldest heart and touch the most delicate strings of the soul. The idea is that "I love you" - not just empty words and there is nothing in the world more important than love. Immediately comes to mind the eternal biblical truth: «... Love never fails, though prophecies will be abolished and tongues will cease, and knowledge to be abolished». I>

«I do not know how people die. We see it, but they do not die. And when we die, it sees someone else. There are things that do not need to know which one should not think - they nobody knows anything. You know, the first time in my life I want to have a home. I keep thinking about how we will live. We're very family and very similar people. On the one hand it is difficult, but in the main we'll feel the same way and understand each other in the most important. I really do not know how people break up, but they do not live in really a few lives. Death is unambiguous, but love is not. And its inevitability inherent in the model of life. In fact, the inevitability of death, too. I>

Today, I thought you something happened: an accident or something else. And I know that you can not think about it. But it was almost as scary as the idea that you can not love me. Honestly, even worse. And I just prayed to God, and even agreed to what I was most afraid of yesterday. I thought that the better you will not love me. I sometimes do this crazy feeling that we're two different characters of one person. We're like twin brothers, separated at the hospital and met many years. Something hard, but the blood of a native. You're my absolute destiny. And I really believe in you. Believe you and me. I>

And still more important than love. No matter even more important if life itself, than death. Why is that? Firstly, it is the only thing that can compete with it in the sense of finality. If a man had to die, the one who loved him, did not cease to love. It's obvious. Secondly, the reverse apparently can not be. I do not know how to love ends. If love comes to an end, apparently, is not it ». I>

We live in a world full of change, but still there are things that are eternal. Today, the words of Sergei Bodrov someone may seem old-fashioned, but this is an illusion - the eternal values ​​are timeless. I wish each of our readers a great all-consuming love, which said Bodrov. Share these lines with dear to people.

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