10 everyday things that men and women are doing quite differently.

Today, many people on hearing the name of psychological bestseller John Gray "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"? So, this statement has the lion's share of the truth. A man and a woman - two different planets, and one of the continent did not dissimilar view of the world. Why such differences? Perhaps, in our genes laid some secret codes that you need to solve in order to understand each other? One thing is clear - opposites attract.

10 This same things that men and women are doing quite differently. Try to argue!


Pay attention to the way a man takes off a T-shirt? Often, he throws his hands behind his head and pulls back from the top edge of the garment. The woman undresses to exactly the opposite: crosses his arms on his stomach and raises the bottom edge of the blouse.

Clothing, women are not in a hurry to hide the legs and at first put on a blouse, and then the skirt or pants. Men Dress contrary.


It's no secret that such phrases as fuchsia, amaranth, white Navajo ivory. Males hardly capture the difference between red and maroon color. In addition, the ladies than men to have wider peripheral vision. The man's eyes like binoculars. It is easy to find a pub that is located in the boonies, but do not notice the jam jar under his nose.

We hear

Women are better recognize sounds, but for men it is easy to determine where they came from.

refers to a policy

Men feel like fish in the water during a political debate with friends over a glass of beer, but they are quite passive and rarely go to the polls. Women are not particularly strong in politics, but tend to perform their civic duty.


Yawning, representatives of a strong half of mankind usually cover his mouth with his fist, and women - hand.

Open the bottle

Women open beer bottle opener conventional. Men by nature rebels. For this purpose, they are able to accommodate everything that there is at hand, such as keys or a lighter.


Usually men sit, spreading his knees apart. Women are often crossed legs or keep them in parallel, even if they do pants.


Men sometimes bitten cigarette. It happens that the representatives of the male taking a cigarette with three fingers, women - almost always two.

Knotted gown

Women are always robe tied at the waist above the navel, while men more often - below.

According to the fundamental model of all that yin and yang are complementary opposites. There can be no black without white, and vice versa. The main thing - is to keep the balance. Of course, these statistics do not claim to ultimate truth, but they are certainly something to eat. Tell me about this hilarious study of your friends.

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