About cynicism, rankings and Yakubovich

Oksana Prikhodko h6>

Looking periodically telecast involving ordinary people, I often wondered - why are so many morons? Sometimes, just itching to torment themselves in the minds of the question - well, where their dignity, where self-esteem? Why are comical and absurd - because I did not meet on the daily life of these people! And the TV - all the time ... The first shock was "Windows" D.Nagieva. We all watched them! And do not tell me that I'm a dumb. At first I could not understand how people can so "Teles" before an audience of millions. "I gather a collection of F * votes cast." "I 3 I ca * and it became my business," "I'm so ne * cases per day, stinking coat wife forever" - and it's only a modest quotation of the above mentioned program! Such trifles as treason, alternative lo * sualnaya Orientation, psychopathology - just poured from a cornucopia specific project editor.
Everything fell into place after a trip from the channel "Inter" in the shooting backstage Ostankino. The goal - noble - to record the congratulations of leading channel 1 New Year for the audience in Ukraine. Insight began with the entrance ... A huge crowd eager to become a star of the ether of all ages surrounded our crew. Vying offer services (up to se * sualnyh). He clarifies all pimply young man who introduced himself as the administrator of "windows". "Today we need a family: you'll be crazy grandfather, you - nevestkoy- bl * Dew, you - husband, Al al *, and you - the son-goth." The rest - are free. Fee - $ 100. " The amount impressed "chosen" and under the envious hooting left behind glory pryshavogo administrator brought in to the hands of the holy of holies - the Ostankino.
Finally came our turn to get into the epicenter of the creative smithy teleproduktivnogo - Ernst office. "Your tasks - not real! - He said. You will send stupid because they do not need the glory of Ukraine. And our program with their participation, and so you will buy! Phone contacts you will not find ... Well, catch of the recording studio. Good luck !!! ". But it is naive, I guessed that the mystery of the mysterious Russian soul were known to us! "We have been with them": in the bags had quite a substantial margin "s pepper vodka," and after half an hour in front of me lay a list of phone numbers and addresses of all the leaders, their wives, mistresses, addresses cottages, shooting schedule and oral advice about the intricacies and weaknesses stars ether.
And now a personal acquaintance with morons! No, not with the audience. They - a pawn in the hands of the ugly. And this is not the editorial hand. And it's not even the position of the channel. Behold the root - it is the policy of the country! The sillier the merrier. And sitting in front of TV, watching the fall of others, to feel smart and noble, but in the soul will be dirty envy won a set of ballpoint pens and blowing in the sweaty hands of the Chinese mixer. And sitting in the kitchen will not discuss the policy of the state, and the list of those to whom they have said hello to the program "Field of Dreams." Oh, what bliss I experienced sitting on the planning meeting the next edition of this program! .. At the head of the table, as it should be, he sat himself Jakubowicz portraying us on camera secular fatigue and well-fed concerns about the ratings.

God, what a terrible word - rating! Not one spiritual brace fell under his pressure! Not one domostroevskogo morality staggered! "We are falling ratings. What do you plan on this issue? - Lifting eyelids asked himself. "Here, our guests - have another corner legged admin. In the corner noticeably nervous. "There's a fireman from Pskov, a veterinarian from Armenia, lo * sopatolog of Udmurtia and peskostruyschitsa from Gukovo.". "I read ... read your e * any script. The surprise came? This curl nom? "- A generous gesture towards zamershego angle. And please note - no one of the corner does not hurt, did not give in the face, do not quit. "So, a fireman - you come in working overalls chemical protection, Smoked slightly, say that just to fire on him.sklade. But really I wanted to get on the program and did not have time to change clothes. In the hands - saved the kitten, which you have called the whole detachment Jakubowicz and now we are giving. Helen - kitten ensure '! Playfully kolyhnuv breasted 20-year-old Helen closed her eyes polutomnye assent. She is one of the privileged caste of administrators with access to the body of the leader. "Then - the vet gave us ... a necklace of extracted teeth pets. And all sorts of exotic Armenian delicacies - dolma pan that cooked your grandmother live sheep and dagger. So ... Now, lo * sopatolog! "Then even my cynical mind refused to search the rating options. "Since you are a shaman dance and song of the girls preparing for the ceremony def * orations." I wanted to add a group of geologists and -def * Oristà. But it ran into another stuttering administrator with the words: "There's a checkpoint brought 10 boxes of chocolate, 5 boxes of brandy and a bunch of conservation workers Babaev Confectionery Factory as a gift for the museum," Field of Miracles "What to do? .. The answer was laconic and tap recesses - "devour and e * and my brain." Share peskostruyschitsy decided in a split second - it is a single mother of many children, who in his spare time, life grows in his one-room apartment worms for fishing. And, as we guessed it - it's her gift to Jakubowicz, who likes active rest in the water. As I later learned, in a private conversation, he likes to relax on the water, not only for his super yacht, but also on his own plane, to which I was invited. He knew a scoundrel than you turn a woman's head. But I wanted completeness oschuschunie and I refused. Should I had to see his reaction to failure, performed for the first time a film crew from Ukraine.
Leaving this very abode of artists with a sense of one of the studio guests -assenizatora we went to treat wounded soul remains of vodka s pepper and firm conviction that the next time the medical potions need to take more! It will be tomorrow and the new "discovery" backroom Ostankino. But it will be tomorrow! So it's not that we are morons, but just so we want to see. And, alas, we allow it to them!


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