Psychological trauma is much more dangerous to humans and more can affect health than physical illness.

A bit of psychology today. Let's talk about injuries, but not those that we have fallen, and those which are sometimes much deeper wound and difficult to heal.

Psychological trauma is much more dangerous to humans and more can affect health than physical illness. Although severe psychological condition and a negative emotional climate is often directly related to the physical ailment.

When human life no harmony, joy and peace, and instead prevail resentment, depression, despair and sadness, then call a man completely healthy wrong. Even if he did not hurt. Many people are not even aware that carried over into the deep childhood trauma can have a strong influence on his whole life.

For example, transferred at a young age mental trauma can block the disclosure of their talents and capabilities emerge in a variety of phobias, low self-esteem. In children, the existence of such injury signals stuttering or enuresis.

If the psychological trauma is characterized by cycles, depth and power, there is a strong likelihood that the child will grow up with a serious mental illness. This is extreme, but still these cases are taking place. Becoming an adult and self-reliant, a person can not consider himself insured against possible trauma. In adults, even more opportunities to get such an injury.

Modern life
Modern life is so dynamic and hectic that most people are constantly under stress, high anxiety, it is very greatly reduces the psychological immunity. This mode of life can lead to the fact that even insignificant episode can lead to mental disaster.

It reflects the psychological trauma is much stronger and more tangible on health than physical.

Consider the symptoms of psychological trauma:
Compulsive scrolling events preceding the injury
Permanent mental and physical discomfort, a sense of inner emptiness and depression, resentment
The apathy and unwillingness to do anything
Heavy state of doom, from which it is difficult to get rid
Doldrums everyone experiences differently, depending on the nature and internal integrity. Trauma can not be seen by X-ray enlighten and cut with a scalpel.

How to overcome the trauma?
Only human sympathy and sincere understanding and empathy can be the medicine that alleviate the suffering of wounded souls.

If you need help - try to find the support of loved ones. Reprimand. Try to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, change a familiar environment that makes you negative. Look for the positive.
If you see that a person needs help - let them know how important it is the man for you, keep it at a difficult moment, and try to become a support, that is tied to a stick broken branch or a tree rising. Listen. Distract him from experiences give him a new positive experiences, for example Emozzi. Today, thank God there are many ways how to entertain humans and give impressions.


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