3 is able to effectively manipulate people

Key factors manipulating companion through the game at his pride is consistency and commitment.

Man always strives to meet the stated standards. Moreover, we are much more confident in the correctness of our decision after the choice has been made. For example, consider horse racing: the racecourse and visiting player bets. Until that moment he doubted some prefer the horse, but the bet is made, the person gains confidence in their choice.

Key factors manipulating companion through the game at his pride is consistency and commitment. Thus, forcing the interlocutor to make a commitment, you are creating the foundation for the manifestation of the sequence. Moreover, the result will be much more successful if the promise will work or in public. But how to get him to make a commitment?

So, here are 3 ways to effectively manipulate people:

The method № 1. Hidden request.
In this case, you need not to feel the "enemy", that he has taken on himself the promise. Ask a harmless question, which contains the alleged request. It is particularly important to distinguish between the real and the promise that has been put in question, it is not too large.

So, if you're going to cause a person to take on any obligation, to ask him questions, containing a hidden request. For example, you want to borrow from a friend to finish a house under the key. Start from a distance: "Hey, Max, because we're always helped each other in difficult situations?". If he agrees with you, to continue to develop his thought: "Right now I have, and there was such a situation: I really need the money. Be a friend, help me! ". In this case, you can call any valid reason.

Method № 2. Start small.
Start small and gradually go on. The essence of this technique is to force the interlocutor to take over small or obligation to accept a minor at first glance, a fact that would later become the basis for more serious purposes.

Here is a well-known example of this method. In 1966, California launched a large-scale campaign to combat speeding, part of which was widespread deployment bil- boards to respect the rules of the road. To do this, specially trained agents went to the homes and asked permission from the owners of private houses placed on their lawns tiny wordstrips with the words "Be disciplined drivers." Many agreed ...

Two weeks later they came back to him and the agents asked permission to put posters measuring 4 by 3 meters with the words "Bring the car carefully!". And again, most had to agree, as they had previously been assumed the commitment to small and wanted to stay consistent.

Method № 3. reticence.
Upon reaching selfish purposes you can also use "method of innuendo" by providing incomplete information to the other party, but says nothing about the negative aspects of its request or knowingly embellishing its positive side. It also has a human desire to be consistent - even detect a lie, he will follow his original decision.

Let's say you want to persuade your child to enroll in an elective in English. He asks you, "Mom, I'll be there to do?". Describe in bright colors, later it will travel the world to find high-paying job, or even be able to meet his idol.

However, Keep silent about the fact that he would have to spend a huge amount of training time, do a lot of confusing exercise, listen to the teacher notes, etc. Your task is to motivate a child to charm his English. He must feel that he likes this session and tell you about it.

Once he realizes that not all so cool and easy, as you have said, it is too late to retreat. The money for the lessons have already been made, bought the necessary books, besides, he "dreamed to learn English," etc.


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