10 decision that you may be sorry AFTER 10 YEARS

"If ..." These two words together create one of the saddest phrases. Below is a list of decisions that maybe you will regret with time, and how to avoid it.

1. Wear a mask to impress
If your face that you always show the world, there is a mask, one day after it may not have anything. When you spend too much time thinking about what others think of you, you'll soon forget who you really are. Do not be afraid to condemn others; in your heart you know who you really are. You do not have to be perfect to impress and inspire others lyudey.Pust they will be amazed and inspired by how you cope with their disabilities.

2. chasing someone else's dream
The great complexity of life - find themselves; the second largest - to be happy with what you find most part - it is your decision to stay true to your own goals and dreams. If there are people around you who do not agree with you, that's good. This means that you are standing firmly on the ground and go their own way. At times, you do so that others will consider you crazy, but when you find yourself that you are not feeling the time baldeet matter what you do, then you know for sure you're going the right way.

3. To be in bad company
Do not let anyone pull you in bad situations. Throw these people from themselves. They can not pull the trigger if you do not invest in their hand gun. Always remember to stay away from bad company - it's not a choice, it is a duty.

4. Be selfish narcissistic
Life is filled with good deeds and attitudes will help tombstones. Those people who inspire and share their love, will be remembered for a long time after they are gone. Therefore it is better to capture their name in the hearts, not in stone. What have you done to yourself, will go along with you, what you do for others, remains in the world.

5. Avoid growth opportunities
If you want to know about your past, look at where you are now. If you want to look into your future, look at what you're doing. You must let go of the old to make way for the new; the past is gone and will never return. If you realized it, it was time to take a step forward, and it will lead you to success.

6. Surrender, when it becomes too difficult to
There will be no errors, and will not result. Even if it turns out the way you want - that's no reason to give up and give up. Believe that you can, and move on. Anyone who continues to move forward step by step, eventually won. Win yourself again and again and move forward - this is the main battle that will lead to a win. It is a process consisting of small steps, decisions and actions will eventually lead to a glorious time, called the triumph.

7. Attempts to control every detail
Life must "touch" and not "choke". Sometimes you just need to relax and let it all go their own way without the constant excitement and control. Take a deep breath, and when the dust sits down, you will again be able to see the forest for the trees and make a step forward. You can not know for sure whether the future better. Everything in life goes its own way, regardless of whether you realize it or not. To all abided understanding need a little time.

8. Get less than you deserve
Be strong enough to go forward, and wise enough to wait for that you deserve. Sometimes we fall, but only to then climb even higher. Sometimes, to see more clearly the need to wash your eyes with tears. Do not give up.

9. Endless wait until tomorrow comes
The problem is that you constantly think that you will have plenty of time for a particular purpose. But one day you wake up and realize that you do not have time to carry out that what you have always dreamed. And it is better that at this point the majority of the objectives were achieved, or you will be in the hands of a list of excuses as to why you did not.

10. Being lazy and expressionless
Peace to you do not have to, you ought to give something the world. Stop dreaming and start acting. Take control of your life. You are important and you are needed. This is stupid - to sit and wait for someone sometime and do something for you. Someday - it is now, the world needs you, proceed.


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