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Several young men's secrets that men never open to women

The average life of each man (who wants to build a relationship with the average woman), sooner or later there comes a moment when he begins to realize the full value of folk wisdom "Silence - gold».

Omissions help not spoil (or even improve) relations with the beautiful half of humanity? Awesome! And from that day the man starts to hide most of his life from the prying eyes of his beloved and learns by heart, caressing female hearing the phrase: "Of course, dear, you can drive a car well," "In the club with friends was boring," "A neighbor from the flat opposite? Beautiful? I did not notice, "etc.

Strictly speaking, it is not a lie, but merely an attempt to reassure its second half, too rapidly, according to men, reacting to disapproving shake of the head in response to an attempt to park at a shopping center, a bachelor party at a club or a sideways glance at his neighbor across the street. However, according to psychologists, if a man ever gets in such an "innocent" lie, the credibility of it is exhausted. From a woman to know that all this is conceived only for her peace of mind?

However, men are not in a hurry to follow the advice of scientists and reveal their little secrets. Try to understand why.

1. A neighbor from the apartment across from a really good
But this does not mean that a man wants to leave her. They just arranged - even when happily in love, will automatically look at all the pretty women around. It's like a radar, which can not be shut down.

2. Sometimes the phrase "I went to the football" means "I want to get some rest from you»
Often hike a football (basketball, tennis, hockey, tournament checkers) - just an excuse to take a break from his beautiful half. Of course, any sensible man would ever think to say, "Honey, I'm tired of you, and I want to spend time with friends." That has to pretend to be a fervent devotee of table tennis or handball.

3. The obligations of any kind deprive them of courage
A rare man from the first day exploring the woman of his dreams begin to think about the wedding, the family nest to draw a plan and think about the color of curtains in the nursery. The vast majority of the male population of the planet will take months and even years to come to terms with the idea that the beloved woman is actually waiting for a marriage proposal.

4. Gender equality - that's fine, but a man should earn more
"Syndrome getter" modern men got in the inheritance from ancestors that one blow swamped mammoth carcass was dragged into a cave by the tail, proudly handed over its second half and disposed to rest - wait honestly earned dinner. Since then, and has become a tradition: men hunted mammoths (ie making money), and a woman - cooking dinner (ie, earn less). When a woman tries to enter the traditionally male territory and chase a mammoth (ie, earn as much as her man, if not more), family relations steadily deteriorate - equality equality, but what man would agree to "stand at the stove»?

5. In fact, they like to work at home
Men often refuse prodelyvat that women are considered "male responsibilities at home": hammer a nail into the wall and hang a picture, fix the faucet in the kitchen, vacuum cleaner establish haywire. They immediately are urgent matters, and tap and continues to flow. In fact, men like to work at home - because of the inner sense of superiority, pleasant tickling feelings, saying that without me there is nothing to earn, not will nail and fix it. Why do they hide it from women? Probably because all the urgent chores are formed at the wrong time - for example, during a match of your favorite football team (unless you can miss it?).

6. Over the years, they love their other half increasingly
Emotional growth in men occurs gradually and reaches its peak in 40-50 years - so, at least, according to psychologists. And the majority of men agree with them. Over the years, the man opened his partner in some new, previously unknown side of their nature; age is an internal reassessment, and men begin to appreciate the qualities that are used to not paying attention. But none of them tell his woman: "Honey, every day (month, year) I love you more and more." What if she decides that before he loved her less? No, better to keep silent than to explain that the strength of feeling has not changed, but rather its nature.

7. Sometimes they do not understand what women say
This is one of the most feared men's secrets - well, who in their right mind recognized that not understand a word of fiery speech wife in the kitchen in the morning? Simply say, "Yes, I understand," "Of course, you're right" than pereprosit and get back that way rebuke for fifteen minutes.

8. They are afraid of women driving
When a woman sits behind the wheel, the man in the passenger seat of internally converted into a frightened boy. This traditionally male territory is not designed for women, and one that dared to violate the border of what is permitted and sit behind the wheel, not rewarded with more confidence. Of course, he had not recognized and no word will depart from courageously compressed lips. But if the speed of 30 km / h the man suddenly says something like, "Honey, I think we're going too fast," there is no doubt - he is scared to death.

9. All men secretly dream that he was 25 years old again
But never will not admit it. Ochi-sighs about quickly running time decided to leave to women, so no man will develop this theme. Although, of course, it would be better if they were 25. Well, in a pinch, 30.

10. Give him the freedom - and it will give you an eternity
The woman, sincerely and without a second thought respecting man's freedom (to be himself, to go with friends to football, to go on holiday alone), has a much greater chance of the key from his heart and eternity with him than ever to tracking every move revnivitsa.


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