What men want: 30 things that every woman should know

It is not necessary to view its history visits

Just trust our word, you have nothing to do there. Much of what you seem real perversion among men is considered normal. But if you still decided to see what sites visited your guy, then do not say that we did not warn you.

Friends for men - is sacred

Friends were next to your man long before you, and no matter how much your boyfriend did not like you, it hardly crosses out of their life best friend, if he did not have to like you.

Do not try to change it

You still did not work, and such attempts can only ruin your relationship. Love your man as he is, or find another.

Do not worry if he turned his attention to another

If you notice that your passion throws stealthily (and not leering eyes devouring) look at a passing lady, just ignore. This reflex inherent nature, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Never criticize his mother

Normally, if he does it, and you listen to it sympathetically. But not vice versa. Perhaps he loved you just for the qualities that are inherent to his mother. In any case, try to understand what kind of quality - so it will be easier to build a relationship with his mother.

Old grievances must forget

In a relationship you can not do without conflict. Learn to time to finish a fight, do not remember the past wrongs and do not operate the old arguments. As they say, let bygones, what eyes! Otherwise, a man can lose confidence and, ultimately, to change their attitude towards you.

Do not ask questions that do not want to receive responses


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