What men want: 30 things that every woman should know

It is not necessary to view its history visits

Just trust our word, you have nothing to do there. Much of what you seem real perversion among men is considered normal. But if you still decided to see what sites visited your guy, then do not say that we did not warn you.

Friends for men - is sacred

Friends were next to your man long before you, and no matter how much your boyfriend did not like you, it hardly crosses out of their life best friend, if he did not have to like you.

Do not try to change it

You still did not work, and such attempts can only ruin your relationship. Love your man as he is, or find another.

Do not worry if he turned his attention to another

If you notice that your passion throws stealthily (and not leering eyes devouring) look at a passing lady, just ignore. This reflex inherent nature, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Never criticize his mother

Normally, if he does it, and you listen to it sympathetically. But not vice versa. Perhaps he loved you just for the qualities that are inherent to his mother. In any case, try to understand what kind of quality - so it will be easier to build a relationship with his mother.

Old grievances must forget

In a relationship you can not do without conflict. Learn to time to finish a fight, do not remember the past wrongs and do not operate the old arguments. As they say, let bygones, what eyes! Otherwise, a man can lose confidence and, ultimately, to change their attitude towards you.

Do not ask questions that do not want to receive responses

Naturally, that the man before you had a life, and you have - their own. Take it and enjoy it for what it is now, without question, the answers to which you may not like it.

Do not pester him talking as soon as he walks in the door

Of course, one day you may have accumulated a lot of news that you most certainly want to share with loved ones. Unlikely to come home after a hard day, a man wants to talk and discuss events of the day in great detail. Let him stay in silence or near the TV with a bottle of beer.

Abstaining from sex is fraught with troubles

He will always be jealous of male friends

If you periodically conducts confidential conversations or, worse, flirting with other men (even if they are - your best friends), your partner without fail begins to be jealous, because he wants to be the only man in your life.

He wants there needed

Perhaps you are an independent woman, and he likes it. But at the same time he needs to feel needed. So let him alone to change a light bulb or hammer a nail into the wall. This will increase the self-esteem of men.

Keep yourself in shape

Even if you are confident that your man anywhere you are not going anywhere and will love you forever, do not forget to go to the gym and follow the diet.

Ultimatums do not work

Every time you try to force a man to do something, he will resent you. Before he put conditions (either / or) try to tell him honestly what you expect from him in these respects.

He wants children

It is normal if a man wants to leave behind offspring - procreation inherent in his DNA. However, before you stop taking birth control, make sure it is ready for it.

He feels when he cheated

Man always understand if you are disingenuous or something not to negotiate. So be sincere, or in the mind of man will develop worst-case scenario.

He wants you to share his interests

No matter movies, sports or cars - men like it when a girl takes his hobby genuine interest. Even if you exercise, frankly, do not like, try to get pleasure from it - man appreciate it and be happy.

Decide for yourself what you leave on people

The more you try on clothes before going out into the light, the more eager to become a man. After the second shift dress, it becomes all the same, what you go.

You always have to get up on his side

Of course, everything must be within reasonable limits. However, if it entered into an argument, and you do not share his point of view, supporting the opponent, prepared for the fact that a man can never forgive you did not.

Bring in his life something new

If you help her man develop as a person, he will always be grateful for that.

Always tell exactly what you want

Man loves certainty and do not like when he makes hints, otherwise it simply will not understand what you want from him. And as a consequence, it will be extreme.

He does not like short haircuts

Alas, short haircuts prefer only a few men. So before you dare to drastic changes in appearance, find that thinks about your beloved.

Become his muse

"Behind every great man is a great woman." Men need to encourage and support, then they are able to roll for you mountains.

In the difficult period of his substitute his shoulder

Life consists not only of victories, but from defeats. Not necessarily give any advice or make him talk about his feelings - this will help more women, but not men. It is better to do what he loves most, and then his dejection as arm lift.

Lied once, he'll do it again

Even after sincere remorse and regret, you risk falling into his nets again, if a man constantly got away with it.

Let him open the door in front of you

Great, if a woman is by nature a strong and independent. However, we must not forget to allow yourself to become just a little weak, and men - to be a gentleman and take care of you. For this he will love you even more.

Give him a chance to feel like a winner

Strong half of mankind can not stand when women cope with male occupations better than them. Men have fragile egos, so women sometimes worth to be flexible and cunning, and show your partner how much he is stronger, smarter and braver.

He loves compliments

Yes, women - not the only one who likes to hear in your address pleasant words. Despite the fact that men - the stronger sex, they also need the approval, praise and support. Praise man: tell him he looks good, how strong he is and smart. Appropriate and sincere compliments inspiring man.

Do not seek to be right around the

You should not always so eager to stand on his and foaming at the mouth to prove his innocence. Men also want their opinions taken. Do not contradict him just because you're looking at some things differently.

Men are not as difficult as you think

This does not mean that men are stupid or thoughtless women, they just do not like anything complicated. If women do on this offer, then the problem will disappear once in a misunderstanding.



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