As high technology can help and harm personal relationships

It just so happens that today the mobile phone is almost obligatory attribute of any modern person. In the cycle of high technology involved everyone from children to the elderly. Technology are intertwined with the culture and our lives, and we often feel some loss, anxiety, suddenly finding themselves without their smartphone, internet, computers ...

The world has changed rapidly. As recently as yesterday, almost all the electronic aids and toys were distant, exotic fantastic. Today from them can not avoid. Yesterday phones with long antennas proudly worn on the belt, and the creaking of squealing modem introductory music sounded before the gates of the Internet, social networks have not yet absorbed the world and relationships between people were much easier. Was not dating online, there was no gallery with tags, no zeal to try to discover who you razdaёsh huskies.

One definition of the word "love" is: a strong sense of attachment or permanently to another person. This is still true, even though technology has made the establishment of personal relationships more difficult / process. Technology has changed over the centuries to grind ways to find love, its conservation and loss.

My online h4> Question about 30-40 years: remember before to spend with someone a date, usually have to meet this man. Communicate face to face anywhere in the cafe in the park, but at least in the classroom. Like, today people just meet and develop relationships, but without the technology is not enough. Many perceive the Internet as a great medium for online meetings, and gain a sense of ownership to the company. The abundance of online dating sites, social networking, communication, all this creates a comfortable platform technology for the search of love for life, or for an hour. But all these miracles remote communication have a price: we lose the ability and desire to communicate with a partner in a live, one-on-one.

Colossal gulf lies between the first date at a table in a cafe and chat on the Internet. Tech destroy our interpersonal skills. This is the very reverse of the medal. In a fascinating and exciting art of finding love invaded craft online dating. Today, more and more men and women prefer this method romantic (although there fit to put quotation marks ...) communication. It is believed that today about 10% of Americans have had the experience of online dating, or use special applications. And of these, only 66% then met with partners through correspondence. It is a pity that there is no such statistics for the Russians, but it is unlikely situation differs dramatically.

Why Internet communication instead of a live meeting is gaining popularity? Many are simply afraid or embarrassed. "Civil marriage" are now regarded as a trial version of this marriage. Also online dating have become a "probe" goodbye. It's so much more comfortable: no one will see your excitement, with a straight one as you can shine humor and erudition without fear of awkward pauses and convulsive search for a topic of conversation. However, among the many people (Internet users in particular) There is a view that the network looking for happiness just desperate. Those who can not find love "normal" way. And some reason this is: online "relationship" deprive us of the joy of living and naturalness meetings, joint outputs, walking, experience with face to face. But someone still online help. Today, there is a noticeable amount of couples who met on the Internet, and then create a normal solid relationship. Yes, and public attitudes towards dating sites is becoming more and more indulgent. Services such services uses more and more people. And not always in vain.

Novels by correspondence h4> No matter how corny it sounds, but the relationship - it's daily work with both sides. In a game of one-sided relationship is doomed. Both partners need to work on maintaining relationships and communication play an important role. And here how technology helped or hindered.
Today, mobile phones are not present only in animals and some grannies at the entrance. Sending text messages for a long time is the most popular feature of the supergadzheta. And this was the first opportunity "adopted an" all pairs of the world. We send each other impressions about events, reports about the day, photographs and intimate messages. Information exchange between partners in recent years has grown many times over. For many people, mobile correspondence is a very convenient way to communicate. But at the same time, in person couples often do not talk about. Is that on everyday topics. Correspondence replace many people live exchange of information, it all comes down to daily smskami, messages in Skype / votsapah and social networks. And in the evening after work, conversation somehow does not fit. Familiar? And most of all is common among students. But there is this plus. Sending text messages allows us to support their partner, show interest, or part, without the long separation of current affairs.

Social Networks h4>

In social cobweb got hundreds of millions of people around the world. For many, it became normal things flaunt their entire lives, including their relationship. For example, where were you yesterday on a date or what you will do tomorrow. Such information is overwhelmed with all the social networks. And when it comes to photos ... Indeed, social networks provide the most detailed in the world of information about the history of dating, dating, sex, marriage and divorce. And in pictures.

But creating a relationship with a person - it is not laid out in the network in detail documented biography. Need to build relationships by spending time with your favorite / favorite, and not to dwell on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and instagramme.

Another point: your favorite friends and acquaintances may inadvertently put on public display some part of your personal life, you would not want to advertise. Mention of something, put a photo. And without malice, with completely different objectives. But it may surprise you to touch, if published some information about your relationship with someone. Or about who you like. Or you can stand in a bad light before the person to whom you want to please. So in terms of creeping social epidemic can not relax.

Social networks have shifted significantly in the public mind with the notion of "privacy." In addition to uncovering the ins and outs of his personal life, many even go to regular updates about your current location. Conducted by the 2013 survey, about 30% of adults regularly report on the social networks where they are. In 2011, they accounted for 14%.

At the service of deception h4> Apart care online, hobbies text communication and conduct their own annals of social networking, technology has also led to growing distrust in the relationship. Today it has become much easier to deceive, and to convict in a lie. A striking example of the prevalence of fraud: talking to someone at the same time keep pen pal with another / different. And all kinds of location-based services, which are present in any self-respecting smartphone? A little bit of knowledge and desire, and you can restore the route of movement of your partner. Or read the conversation on the phone, or discover an alarming online activity. We do not just leave a lot of digital tracks, but did not trust his closest people. Alas, not from scratch so popular location tracking services at the phone number provided by many providers. Someone might say that people have always been suspicious of each other, just the technology finally allowed to watch each other. Maybe so. But regardless of how many gadgets around us and Internet bandwidth, real strong relationship between a man and a woman are inconceivable without mutual trust.

Perhaps you thought all described some call to return to the past? Not at all. This is simply an attempt to remind us all that the most important thing in a relationship - a daily personal communication, trust and support. And do not be drawn into this circle too much technology.



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