What we spend their energy

Every person throughout his life is communion with the cosmos, in which there is a mutual exchange of energy. Each of us gives Cosmos their emotions, thoughts and actions, he is (Cosmos) provides energy return, the usual for a man that he is able to receive and assimilate.

A good man will always feel extremely uncomfortable in front of the home and the evil, evil man will hate the good, and his actions, as these opposing energies are in constant conflict.

Everyone gets exactly the energy that is able to accept. The resulting energy each person uses to update the vital functions of the organism, on the mental and intellectual activities on relationships and other things.

At the same time, the number of purchased energy is much greater than the cost of the physical layer.

The remaining, unspent physically supports energy aura, promotes normal functioning of the chakras, provides energy protection. In the case where the received energy too much, a person can spend it on magic or influence on their fate and the fate of the people around him.

Very sorry, but Caucasians have not learned how to get out of the air and the necessary amount of food energy.

Easterners use a much smaller amount of food, but absorb it much more efficiently. One famous yogi British researchers said that eating only one grain of rice, it gets much more benefit than from a whole beef fillet.

as expenses get energy? H6>
1. Negative emotions of various kinds. Any circumstances that cause negative emotions and anger, and can pump out the human energy of creation! The process is accompanied by the appearance of destructive features, such as fear and guilt. Each flash of emotion in man takes a considerable amount of vital energy. Probably each of us repeatedly noticed a breakdown after a hot controversy or scandal. This happens as a result of the impact of significant amounts of energy.

2. Stress. Typically, stressful situations arise when the output of a particular human comfort zone, resulting in a feeling of self-importance, coupled with the ego personality forced to play by their rules, imposing human behavior puppets in a game of the mind. Each of us decides for himself offended him or not, experience or not, or whether to treat the situation as a particular lesson. Once you realize that we can only choose one or another reaction to external circumstances in your existence will begin a new stage.

3. A sense of self-importance.

4. Artificial methods of increasing energy:

a. Tea.

b. Coffee.

c. Energy drinks.

These unnatural ways more closely resemble the energy cooperation with the bank when you take money on credit at a sufficiently high rate of interest. You get the required energy at the moment, but tomorrow or later you will be required to pay much more. Therefore use these ways to increase energy, should be as small as possible.

6. squandering on trifles.

think - how clearly IN YOUR LIFE priority is selected. H6>
If not, correct the situation immediately! This way you protect yourself against unnecessary energy costs for the implementation of minor issues.

Whether you are obliged to spend a part of their energy on issues which have no place in the list of your priorities?

For example, you are an avid fan of football. And how important it is for you personally to win a certain team or not? During the experience you give energy because you are interested in the desired result.

What feelings arise in your mind when watching the news? Are you worried about the economic or political situation? You give back your energy. In this case you are unlikely to change anything by his thought. Until such time as you do not become a major politician or billionaire You can not change anything So is it worth to spend on it's own energy?

If you think about it, for every person is the most important priorities of his family and children. For the life of the people around you will be able to influence. So, probably, is much more useful to expend energy to improve their lives. Is not it? Once prioritized, you will come to the necessary awareness of how to spend your energy.

For the first three items on your list of priorities should be allocated 80% of the available energy, namely 50% - for the first item, 20% - for the second, 10% - for the third, and the remaining points - only 20%.

Expending energy on the little things, you lose it forever !!!

Expending energy on the necessary things you like, invest it, getting in the future even more energy.


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