Woman his inner desire to change the world around them.

Woman his inner desire to change the world around them, the main thing to achieve harmony with oneself and to feel its power. Male and female energies are different in that the female energy - internal and calm, and the men - outside and active. That is why a man to achieve something in life, be it success or finance, you need to express themselves, to make proactive, and women to change the world around you, you need to clean up the mess inside, filled (I already wrote about it earlier) love yourself.
Woman in nature - sorceress, she can use their energy in all cases (in any field), which is engaged. In her hands all can be converted, the result depends on the inner attitude and her thoughts. Food can be turned into a magical and cure diseases, or will become poison. Woman adds energy content.
Only a woman can fill the house comfort and love. Therefore, household chores remember this and do it consciously. Remember about their feminine power and use it wisely, and then the world around you will be what you want it to.


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