Men and women have different natures.

Men and women have different natures. According to Vedic knowledge, the male nature - sun, the woman - moon. Sun - giving planet, moon - host. The moon shines by reflected light, it takes light from the sun, and then reflect. Moon light softer. A woman can take on men as gifts, compliments, care and guidance, rigor; her female nature - in the decision.

Sun difficult to take anything, because it is itself a source of light comes from him and directed outward. The moon takes light outside and inside forwards. The woman - a bowl, tending to filling, the man - a vessel that fills the cup. This can be seen even physiologically. Men do not like when they are given instructions, they are not able to accept them, but they love to instruct, it is their nature, and love when these instructions accepted with gratitude.

But modern women can not accept, and so men have forgotten how to give. Women complain that men do not care about them, earn little, but this is only because the woman got into the men's field, assumed the duties of men, began to support his family, to instruct, to patronize. Women have become the kettles, and men - in the bowl, but this situation is inefficient ... A woman has more to do with relationships, so it is easier to change. Should be allowed to dominate a man in his environment, and gracefully accept what he is capable of giving ...


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