Broken woman and samurai would heal Mother

What's in my mind split woman. This woman does not know the price of its power. There is a view of an elemental force of women, the definition of which is not. Knowledge of the nature of his power gives women's knowledge about the value of which is incorporated in it by the Creator.
Such women may be called holistic. In a holistic women can be a lot of unresolved issues, but the respect and the ability to appreciate the magic and purity of his soul - it will save from the many erroneous actions

. In particular - to meet with a weak man

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Holistic woman can not be unhappy. Even if she was lonely, even if life is stormy, even if she made a stupid mistake and corrects it rolling his sleeves, even if it is a white crow and does not fit into any framework - is not unhappy woman
. Why? She knows that she will find what he is looking for. Why find? Because that is the natural force necessarily lead it in the right time and the right place.

It's bad when a very promising man chooses a woman in a couple of chopped. Choosing to side split women is to stay in the familiar comfort zone and do not develop. Do not take your fears, insecurities, not print out the hidden ambitions, which could become a powerful engine.
Broken woman will not require the development of man. There will challenge it, their internal force causing it to be better, stronger, higher, smarter, wiser. Itself is out of balance with its nature, it does not develop. And of course, there will be a number of developing and man. Many men comfortable this position. This I call "pseudo Adam" position. Because this position is filled infantile society men and women loaded with other people's problems, suffering, and they can not, by definition, do anything about it.

Fear of the mind and the power of women - men have a deep fear of their personal nature. It is the fear of disclosure of themselves and their spiritual levels. Never a man who is afraid to be seen in the verses and the woman's mother - does not recognize this themselves. Never be able to discover their true nature. To gain real courage. Moreover, a man who is afraid of a woman - afraid of death. The woman lies on the border worlds. Thinly feeling the space, she is impulsive. Look beyond the usual patterns can not everyone.

Sometimes you want to say to the man, looking as it prohibits a woman from her development: "Do not make her comfortable broody!". The reason is that the man is blocking the development of women - the fear of it. Women's nature spontaneously and curb it can only be a strong partner. The term "strong" in both cases, I'm talking about a man who knew his inner strength, his nature, his essence. Or knower. Or at least guess about it.

Fear of the feminine nature has led to almost destroy that power. What is more serious ... Someone cunning nature, whispered to the man that the female force, intuitive wisdom should be closed - thus made a trap for most men. Closing the possibility of disclosure of this masculine nature. Incredibly, the divine.

Someone's a trick to create a world in which the weak man creates a weak woman. A weak woman creates a weak man. Both remain unfulfilled. The myth of women's stupidity and lack of logic invented out of fear to see a completely different "logical" nature of women - sensual, intuitive. But that does not mean stupid. The myth of male stiffness and die-hard "I'll take care of myself" - to create a closed men resentful of the nature of the Mother, who fear it

. The level of fortitude, will and wisdom of man can be determined by a woman who is close to him. This law was not changed and will not change for centuries. Holistic people will find the same whole man. Their development will be harmonious.
Holistic man is not afraid of a real feminine power, closes it will not be destroyed. But it will be with his wife. And will gain immeasurably more. Will find everything you could dream of. But only if you are not scared. Only if you do not play the role of a hurt boy who offends a strong woman.

The difference between whole and split personality - the ability to respect the opposite partner. The deep inner respect, and no matter how many injuries were received, and how many scars left from the past.

The ability to respect the interests, hobbies, aspirations, and most importantly - the desire to welcome development. Holistic man and woman are able to worship, to love, to give thanks, to give, to give. To sustain a high frequency of the whole man can only be the same, self-realized, found himself a man.

The title of the article said about the samurai, not past Mother.

It is just about the budding men, with only one point is not passed - the fear of a woman. Fear of trust, open up, to be vulnerable - it is difficult to practically everyone. Unconditional love - is death. Trust - also a kind of death. Openness, when laid bare before the person showing the most valuable thing that is - the soul - the same death. The death of the individual.

Fear of being vulnerable person pushes to close and go in yourself. Have their personal secrets that are generated by the same fear, which may eventually go in violation of family law.
Fear of looking into the depths of the feminine nature, on the border between life and death, fear, remember that this is the nature has created it, ran it, loved it, hated it. Mother Nature. Forget one - not the strong who fastened on a plurality of masks and play with them. A strong person who knows how to love.

Each woman sees a man subconsciously mother. As my mother bore him, and the archetype of the Great Mother. Proto-Matter, filling it with meaning, or to select the point. And depending on how-healed mother inside it - as painless will be his perception of women
. Samurai would heal Mother - will not be able to see in a woman your wife. He will unconsciously put her mother's rank, and to deal with it. Just healed, the samurai can separate a wife from his mother, while respecting the single nature foremothers linking both.

Dive into a woman denotes to die in the old form and the new born. To be born by the Creator, God, the Great. But this is the path selected.

Holistic woman will expose a man checking. But when he saw his heart - he will worship that will make a man a thousand times stronger. She sees weaknesses, since the power of the mind allows her to look open and not close our eyes to things. And if a man will not give up, and take it as an opportunity of self-knowledge - he knows the mother
. Through him, holistic woman will know himself and aspects of God the Father and Husband. Recognize and correct and smooth out its rough edges, to restore harmony in itself. Broken woman can neither itself come to this, nor lead to this man. Therefore, choosing a silly, comfortable, close to a woman - a man puts an end to his life
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The downside Saver: Do not pull on another of its energy

! Those men who were not afraid to dive into the element and scroll centrifuge female chaos - acquire tantric couple. A rare phenomenon today, in spite of the immense amount of training in Tantra, there are very few couples know God in each other. Such men, in the words of Vivekananda - "strong as adamant»

. They were not afraid to go after the women's holistic nature of women, requiring them to power, will, intelligence, wisdom, fortitude. And they find their true woman. Always interesting, and always fascinating. They get himself and watch the alchemical processes taking place in them and their women. They find the Holy Grail - Love »
. Author: Antonin Zhartovskaya


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