Objectives of the soul. Realize its purpose.

The soul came to Earth in the form of a woman. Came to solve their problems. Objectives of the soul. Realize its purpose.

What is the task of the Soul? These are the energy, the qualities which the soul does not have enough. For example - to be soft, be gentle, to be able to trust, to be able to forgive ...

Soul chooses what kind of body is more suitable to solve its problems - male or female. If you choose a woman's body, the soul has come for women's problems. Came to reveal, to show the feminine qualities. To live as a woman!

For most of today's world women woman's soul remains closed. How Come? We have created such a life, which is dominated by male values. This is easily understood by looking at the qualities that develop in children the modern pedagogy. Dedication, diligence, ability to think logically, clearly and quickly express their thoughts ... It's masculine qualities. As well as, the ability to survive in difficult conditions, to have a strong character, not afraid of competition. We are preparing for life in a man's world to life with masculine values. Because the world lives by male values.

A man's world - a world power. Women's world - the world of the soul. The value of the male world - to be successful, create the material world. We appreciate a man in his creations. That he created for his life? And women often we estimate that created it ... Created as a man, in the material. But the value of women - in the other. In the small, in the immaterial. In soul.

The value of a woman in her mentality. In so far as the heat of her soul. In the peace of the heat it transmits the world. While the soul remains warm, the woman lives.

Who do you warmed today? Heat Is your soul? Heat Is next to you? Or "What kind of spiritual - would survive?". Or "I would be who warmed" ... If - "to survive" and "who would have warmed," that the soul does not solve your problem, does not realize his destiny and life's difficulties suggest that you have selected the wrong road.

If a woman goes down the road of his soul, the world helps. Unfolds the best, bright, sunny, reflecting its spiritual light.

I can not, can not, have not taught - it is a point of choice. YOUR CHOICE. Learn to live as a woman is never too late, if you choose the female world, the world of life for everyone. Or your choice - continue to live in a man's world, masculine values, continuing to suffer and blame the world.

Who do you warmed today? ..


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