Star diet: how to lose weight Christina Aguilera and 9 stars

Sometimes you look at some celebrity and think, 'How did she manage to always look so chic? Protein and "purple" diet, the raw food diet, vegetable smoothies, grueling workouts, and many other ways to regain a slender figure. What is right for you?

Duchess Catherine

No one could not have imagined that the Duchess Catherine exhausts itself any diets. But as it turned out, and so the nature of the slender husband Prince William is committed to a raw food diet.

However, the purpose of Catherine somewhat different than losing weight. of her entourage she said that her motivation - to make the skin radiant. According to him, among the favorite dishes of the Duchess - salad with watermelon, cold gazpacho soup, green salad tabbouleh, goji berries and almond milk.

However, such a diet is not the Duchess of Cambridge sticks all the time, but only one day a week.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - one of those women who own example proves that nothing is impossible! This singer just one year managed to lose almost 40 pounds - it not only regained the former seductive curves, but began to look better and fresher.

The diet pop diva included cereal with fruit for breakfast, warm salad for lunch and tuna - as a main dish for dinner. In addition, from time to time is not forbidden and dessert - for example, apple cheesecake. On the average day, she consumed about 1600 calories.

And, of course, I have not been canceled grueling workouts in the gym, because a balanced diet - it is only one component of success.

Kim Kardashian

Immediately after birth, the daughter of North Kim Kardashian sat on a tough protein diet, thanks to which she lost 25 kilograms. Later telediva again resorted to the method of Atkins to get rid of unwanted pounds for the wedding with Kanye West.

The diet was attended by celebrities are not many products, mostly she ate chicken, broccoli and nuts, as well as drinking plenty of plain water.

In addition, Kim worked diligently fitness five times a week and did a hundred sit-ups every morning to keep in shape buttocks.

Jennifer Hudson

Over the past few years, Jennifer Hudson lost 40 kilos and now looks phenomenal. But how she did it?

The extra pounds came to the actress after pregnancy - she has recovered strongly from the birth of their son, David, but when everything began to call her "plump Jennifer," she decided to get serious about their area.

In 2010 she signed a contract with Weight Watchers, through which she was able to change the size of the clothes from the sixteenth to the sixth of the American system. The program is based on a healthy balanced diet and physical activity - in this case all you need to give up bad habits such as overeating or midnight trips to the refrigerator.


Fergie has also started to gain weight during pregnancy, but soon after birth the singer gathered all his willpower into a fist and began to work on his body.

Celebrity childhood does not tolerate restrictions and can not sit on a diet. In order to lose weight, it takes only that brought her pleasure - yoga with elements of belly dancing, walking and cycling. In addition, the artist tried to eat as much as possible and staked on vegetable smoothie: In an interview Fergie told that begins each day with a "healthy" version of the classic milksheyka - cabbage, spinach, apples, lettuce and bananas.

Britney Spears

But the lover of spaghetti, dessert, brownies and chocolate chip cookies - Britney Spears - losing weight was given with difficulty. Pawn slim figure of the singer, which she can now boast of - practice, practice and more time training.

Jessica Simpson

Over the past few years, Jessica Simpson was the main "target" for critics: they are unflattering comments about her weight, which is constantly changing. But now the singer hardly hear at least one negative response to his side - she achieved incredible results. 33-year-old star pays a lot of attention to their diet and sports training. And there is a reason for this - in front of her long-awaited wedding with Eric Johnson.

Simpson trains four times a week, and the correct diet should an organization Weight Watchers, which the star is the messenger.


Fighting obesity Shakira beginning when she was pregnant: for nine months, she worked zumba (dance fitness program). These exercises have allowed it not so much to gain weight.

But almost immediately after birth the singer moved to the gym, where she continued to engage with the trainer 4-5 times per week. Most attention paid star press.

As for the singer's diet, she ate eight times a day in small portions (200-250 calories each). The basis of its diet are foods rich in fiber, iron, calcium and protein. Still, the main secret of harmony Shakira, she said, it's a great mood, and self-love!

Halle Berry

If we did not know what Halle Berry 47 years old, I never would have believed it is not - the actress looks better than most 20-year-old girls. You want to know how she manages to keep her body in perfect shape? Star adheres to the so-called "clean power" - Eat Clean. The food in this diet is divided into useful (cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, lean meats and fish, nuts, soy products) and empty calories (muffins, cakes, pizza, bratwurst, hamburgers, sweet drinks and so on). In addition, after the birth son Maceo at the end of October last year, Berry admitted that her trim figure is largely the result of breastfeeding and, of course, proper nutrition.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey also began to struggle with excess weight after giving birth, but the star has attracted more than "purple diet", during which all of the products are allowed to have purple in unlimited quantities - plums, grapes, blueberries and other.

According to experts, these foods contain anthocyanins, antioxidants enriched. They slow down the aging process, prevent heart disease and are known for their energetic properties.


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